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Designing Bridges for the Future, Dr. Nicos Markis looks at ancient structural design for engineering wisdom

Yocket Editorial Team

A recently created partnership bewteen SMU’s  Lyle School of Engineering and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, will enable Professor Markis and his team to test structural systems on a smaller scale to understand the measures needed to mitigate distasters.

“I’m a big supporter of experimental methods,” says Markis. “No matter how good you are in math, there is no better proof than a good experiment. Research throughout my career is based in the areas of analytical, numerical and experimental modelling to improve structural design and sustainability.”

Ph.D. student Kostas Kalfas who is a part of Dr. Markis’s research group believes SMU is the place to be for perspective students who are serious about solving these real-world challenges. “The combination of exceptional high-class academics with the cutting-edge research that takes place at Lyle provides the ideal studying environment for future engineers,” he says.

Read the full article about Dr. Markis and his research HERE. Want to learn more about research opportunities at the Lyle School of Engineering? Click HERE.

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