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COVID-19: Official Status of Universities

Yocket Editorial Team

The whole world is facing a severe health crisis, as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads globally. The situation is definitely something that no one anticipated. 

Everything seems to have slowed down rather stopped functioning right from factories to corporate offices and from schools to universities all over the world. Therefore, this poses some big questions in front of students who are studying abroad right now and more importantly for those planning to go abroad for their higher education.

While the situation is unprecedented and something that no one could have imagined a couple of days ago, it surely has to be addressed. Yocket understands that the students are tensed right now which might result in the spread of false rumors which will not be beneficial to anyone in any possible way. Therefore, Yocket has partnered with over 30 global universities to bring official news directly to you. Over the coming days, Yocket will conduct a series of Webinars featuring officials from over 30 different universities from the US, the UK, and Canada who will clarify the stand of universities on the coronavirus situation.

So, get ready for the WebinarBinge

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Learn more on how coronavirus would impact your study abroad dream!

Participating Universities:

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