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Course Watch - Cloud Computing and Web Technologies | Computer Science

Kashyap Matani

Cloud Computing & Web Technologies are strongly related to the general fields of computer sciences and business and technology. They are more specialized in areas such as IT Security or Business Information Systems. Also, studying cloud computing and web technologies introduce students to the processes that enable computers to communicate through networks along with innovative methods of accessing and sharing resources and information over the internet.

Cloud Computing & Web Technologies both study web application technologies used on computers or various mobile devices. Cloud Computing refers to internet-based computing systems which are used to deliver applications between computers through the internet. Cloud Computing Technologies use servers and software networks that allow users to upload and access data sources remotely. It helps to make use of computer processes in real-time, without having to store any actual data on clouds. Also, Web Technologies create interfaces between web servers and clients to ensure safe usage of internet based applications and permanent access to information.

Students will acquire relevant knowledge on subjects such as Web Design and Development, Principles of Programming, Information Systems Development, Cloud Systems in Practice, and many more. Students will become proficient in programming languages and in configuring networks. They will be able to evaluate data storage models and to design efficient web applications. They will gain project management skills needed for organizing resources, making critical evaluations and establishing timelines for fulfilling goals.

Also, Graduates can find jobs in the field as: Business Intelligence Analysts, High-Performance Analysts, Architects / Cloud Engineers, Application Consultants, and more.

You can find a list of top Universities offering courses in Cloud Computing and Web Technologies here:

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