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Break The Monotony!!!

Imperial Overseas (Hiren Rathod)

In a typical house with a new born child, the parents have already half decided the fate of their child, ‘This one shall be a doctor’ and ‘Mine will be an engineer’! At times our childish ways of argument or logical debating may also be considered to be a trait of a future ‘lawyer’. Although now a days there is no compulsion in a child’s mind, we all have been cultured or brought up with a very strong significance of education in our life. A Bachelor’s degree is sort of the most basic level education that we must achieve to be acceptable in a social gathering.

Our life sort of has a pattern and an organized plan:

School ⇒ High School ⇒ Bachelor’s degree ⇒ Job ⇒ Marriage ⇒ Kids ⇒ Their education ⇒ Your retirement ⇒ and the cycle progresses to the next generation.

But judging by the competition that we face today, it is important that we sharpen our skills and gain an edge over the other average Joe studying with us. We need a USP like any other product to be ‘sold’ off better. Our ideals don’t lie in Mahatma Gandhi any more as much as they lie in Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Our targets have grown from having a mere sedentary clerical job to being entrepreneurs and CXOs of major MNCs. By now, we as students or parents have already completed our education partially or completely to observe that our classroom education is not always what we use in the practical life that we see and work on in our office.

It is time to pull up our socks and look for a better quality of education where we can not only learn more, but also recognize what we have inside us. It is important to analyze ourselves, as we would analyze a product in a new market, anticipate the need of the market and work on improving your appropriate skills that are needed and which are also your passion. Always remember to build a balance between your interest and your career, only then can you do justice to your work.

Beware, do not consider this is as a motivation in any manner to leave India and move out. I do not endorse or encourage ‘Export of Manpower or intelligence’. All I say is that it is time to bring out the inner talent and use your passion to do something better than feel stifled with a daily job where every day is a routine and monotony is your pledge. Use an opportunity where you can, to make sure that you make full use of your potential. Even if you do have Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as your ideal, he studied in Johannesburg to be a Barrister and returned back to his country to create history.

Don’t wait for the storm to take you to the summit, be the storm to drive yourself and your career to the peak!

-Written by Mr.Hiren Rathod

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