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How Pursuing MBA Abroad will Help your Career: 10 Benefits of Doing MBA from Abroad


Ever heard of how pursuing an MBA can do wonders to your career? MBA can be considered as one of the most crucial degrees of your life, however, some of you may still be pondering upon its importance and the return on investment associated with it! Applying for an MBA from a study abroad destination can no doubt be a draining process, but it will most definitely reward you with extraordinary experiences, vast knowledge and even better salary numbers! Keep on reading as we will make you explore the benefits of doing MBA from abroad, and how pursuing MBA abroad will shape some of the best years in your life! 

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  1. 10 Benefits of Studying MBA Abroad 

10 Benefits of Studying MBA Abroad 

We will now straightway jump to answer the most relevant question that this blog is about- Why study MBA abroad? 

Let us cumulate 10 reasons why an MBA abroad will be worth the shot, at a study abroad setting! 


Understanding the Global Market

One of the most exciting and important benefits of doing MBA from abroad is the international exposure that comes with it. Be it awareness about the global business market or international industrial exposures, an MBA abroad will give you the best taste of the global economy! 


Get the Right Communication Skills

Studying in a dynamic and fast paced international environment will make you flexible with your communication skills, in terms of both formal and informal communication. You will definitely see yourself get more confident while studying in an international setting. 


Availability of Varied Specializations

One of the most important benefits of studying MBA abroad is the vast number of specializations available globally. As an applicant you can choose from a variety of fields and specialisations to pursue your MBA abroad. Some of these distinct disciplines, and specializations are: 

  • Innovation and strategy 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and finance 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Financial management 
  • Marketing 
  • Public policy 


World Class Universities and Infrastructure

Pursuing MBA abroad will definitely act as a gateway to a world class academia, as most top MBA universities are internationally recognised and are known for offering high employability rates. MBA at Wharton University, for instance, offers an employability rate of 98% upon graduation. 


Advanced Leadership and Management Skills

One of the major benefits of doing MBA from abroad for international applicants has been observed to be the great impact on leadership and management skills. B-schools like SDA Bocconi offer international students with programs rich in industrial endeavors, thereby increasing their skills. 


Hands-on Experiences

Some of the best business schools in the world are known to offer international candidates with experiential learning, internships, and workshops. More so, pursuing MBA abroad will also give you opportunities to get connected with prestigious global recruiters like Deloitte, KPMG, Bain & Company. 

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Form a Global Network

One of the greatest perks that pursuing MBA abroad has, is the prevalence of an international, like minded community throughout your MBA journey. As an MBA student, you will meet international alumni, classmates, and faculty, along with numerous industry leaders. 


Excellent Employment Opportunities

Definitely the best answer that we could give to- “Why study MBA abroad?”, would be the paramount employment opportunities, and outstanding work experiences that you will get hold of, while studying MBA at prestigious institutions like Stanford University, Wharton University, Harvard University, HEC Paris, University of British Columbia etc.

Some top global recruiters across the globe are: 

  • JP Morgan 
  • McKinsey & Company 
  • Apple 
  • Google 
  • Microsoft 
  • Bain & Company 
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • Walt Disney 
  • Facebook 


Affordable Tuition Fees in Some Countries

While there are universities with high tuition rates, most MBA universities across the globe are affordable, and will present you with highly profound academic facilities. 

Some affordable countries to pursue MBA across the world are: 


Average Tuition Fee for International Students 


9,000 EUR/ year


10,000 EUR/ year


9,000 EUR/ year 


20,000 EUR


25,000 EUR/ year 

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Set an International Business

Setting your own business or venture upon pursuing your MBA abroad, can act as one of the key benefits of doing MBA from abroad. You can take hel[ from your professors, colleagues, and get hold of innumerable opportunities. Also, it has been observed that around 85% B-school alumni are found becoming entrepreneurs upon graduation. 

In conclusion, pursuing MBA abroad will definitely change your life, and you will only see yourself growing in an upward direction. Not to forget, you will get benefits in the form of an international network, high ROI, and varied cultural experiences. More so, we are sure, studying for an MBA abroad will present you with lifelong experiences, and help dwell on an intriguing personality! Though you must consider these 4 things while choosing a B school to study abroad!



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