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340/340: By India’s Ashwini Nene!!

Vineel Chandra
340/340: By India’s Ashwini Nene!! Image

In 2011, the format of GRE was revised. Since then, for the first time, an Indian has topped the exam with a perfect 340. Mumbai’s Ashwini Nene speaks how she achieved the impossible.

The computer showed a great score of 170 in both sections of the GRE—Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning—right after she finished them. She couldn’t believe her eyes! When the 20-year old CSE student shared the news with her dad Anil Nene, he told her to maintain the excitement until she received an official confirmation from ETS. After ten days, the biggest day of Nene’s family arrived.

"During my Class 10 boards, a lot of us couldn't score too well in English and lost out on the total. Similarly, in Class 12, I did not score too well in the Common Entrance Test due to silly mistakes. Although I had expected to score over 335 in GRE, 340/340 seemed too good to be true, so I decided not to disclose the news with anyone until I received an official confirmation on March 21," she says. Nene is a student of the Sardar Patel College of Engineering in Andheri, Mumbai.

She credits part of her success to her ever-encouraging parents who never put any pressure on her. She says, "They appreciated me for my hard work and am glad I could return their blessings, at the same time, Also, I don't feel this as a huge triumph; it’s just the beginning. I have a long way to go from here”, she adds.

Her father was busy boasting all along, the story of her GRE success. "It is a proud moment to realize that an Indian has done this and what doubles the joy is that a girl has made it!” he tells.

Also, Nene is one of the few from her college to receive an offer letter of internship from Microsoft at Hyderabad office, which she planned to join soon after the completion of her academic course.

In an interview conducted at her home-place in Mumbai suburb of Vile Parle, Ashwini expressed how failure didn't discourage her from dreaming big and how time management can help accomplish your tasks.

Nene pursued her masters in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles!! All this 340/340 story happened in 2k14. But I told this, as I believe “A Success tale never gets stale!”