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13 Reasons Why the US is the Most Popular Destination for Post-Graduation

Rohan Deshmukh

In 2016-17, there were about 391,124 international graduate students in the United States. This number is swelling each year. So, what makes the U.S. so popular among graduates?

  1. The United States is home to almost 40% of the world’s top 100 universities: Each of these universities specialises in at least one course or programme which it is famous for throughout the world. Studying from such institutions distinguishes you from your peers, getting you a higher preference.
  2. The quality of education is better as compared to other countries: The education is well reputed. The professors are well versed in their respective subjects and are dedicated to their work. They associate more with students and pay more attention on them since the class sizes are usually small.
  3. Most of the colleges and universities here are research oriented: Students can be a part of innovative researches that yield ground-breaking results, in order to gain hands-on practice and, sometimes, to make up for the credits. The government focuses a lot of funding into education and research. Advanced technologies are employed in many of the universities here- a prospect usually not available in colleges in developing countries.
  4. The country has produced a vast multitude of influential people, popular in their respective fields: Barack Obama as a political leader, Neil deGrasse Tyson as an astrophysicist, Meryl Streep as a critically acclaimed actress- you name it. I don’t need to explain further.
  5. Multiple courses and programmes are available in many fields: You can opt for a full or part-time, online or offline or a distance course. Colleges here offer flexible courses and students have the freedom to choose their majors, minors and electives from a wide variety of options. Most countries do not offer such an enormous range- from a PhD in Audiology to a certificate course in Gender Studies to an M.S. in Neurobiology, the list goes on.

  6. Financial Aid is easier to get: The scope for receiving scholarships and funding, assistantships, loans, and reimbursements is higher in the U.S. than in the other countries. Education in the U.S. is expensive and most universities offer financial aids to students in need or those who achieve merit.
  7. The focus is not just studies: While in college, you can go solar car racing, take fitness classes, pick up soccer, and learn cooking while admitted in a single college. There is a colossal spectrum of co-curricular activities you can take up. Many events are held in the many many student groups, all of which you can be a part of, if you have enough time to spare.
  8. Every talent counts: The best thing about studying in a modern country is that each talent is appreciated and encouraged. You can pursue your other passions, since you get the opportunity to pursue many activities on campus.
  9. Jobs are higher paying: The average salary in the U.S. is approximately 6 times more than that earned in India. Furthermore, there are more job opportunities in the U.S., where the government is focussing 20% of its H1B visas for start-ups hiring international employees. Also, the employment rate here is as low as 3.9%.
  10. A diverse culture is appreciated and welcomed: While in the U.S., you get exposed to different cultures and you get to meet people of different colors, races, backgrounds, and ethnic values. In educational institutions here, it is made sure that the diversity on campus is celebrated through means of cultural festivals and social events.
  11. It is a safe place: Unlike the common notion, U.S. has zero tolerance towards hate crimes. There are multiple marches and protests by civilians when justice is not served right. That said, you should step foot in the country only if you are tolerant of people coming from all walks of life. This brings us to the next point.
  12. Laws are stiff: You cannot flout the law, especially if you are a non-resident. These laws are toughly enforced and justice is served wherever due. Therefore, it is advised to follow the law and order and stay safe.
  13. You learn to live independently: You become self-reliant and self-sufficient when you live abroad. It is majorly so because you learn to manage things your way. Moreover, it is the western culture that promotes being independent at an early age.

The United States is a country that takes pride in unity and diversity. You will definitely enjoy your trip. The colleges are fun to attend and there are always open lines of communication with the professors, who fall nothing short of being convivial. The campuses are vast with mesmerizing infrastructure. If you’re not satisfied with the studies, you most probably will be with the extracurricular and recreational activities offered by the college. Be sure while choosing your college, see if it is apt for you course and if you will be able to afford it. And do not forget to consider other factors as well. For more information, you can refer to the Pre- Departure Expenses for Studying in the US.

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