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Masters abroad: preps and steps

MS in US: FAQ's regarding GRE & Application process (Part-1)

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1. While booking the center for GRE test, what to choose prometric center or the other one? how does it differ from each other?
It is better to check the individual center prior to signing up for the GRE test and seek feedback from students who are just completing their exams. Generally speaking, prometric centers should be better equipped than other centers.

2. What is WES and how it will be help?
WES is a non for profit agency that evaluates a student’s transcript and credentials and calculates a GPA (on a 4.0 scale). Many graduate programs have made credential evaluation mandatory as the admission committee is unable to decipher the transcripts.

3. How does the admission committee of a college verify the LOR's if they are from a general public mail domains (Gmail/Yahoo etc)? Also if I take the LOR on the letter head of the college, but the mail id is a public mail id. Will this affect the admission process?
Integrity and honesty are pillars of the US education system. Many colleges will give the benefit of doubt to the student. However, where there is a doubt or concern, the Admission Committee will contact the recommender directly. It is always better to at least use a college letter head if the recommender is using a public email id.

4. Which will be better MS in Electrical Engineering or MS in Engineering Management as per job scopes?
It depends on a student’s strength and weaknesses. Both programs offer job prospects – MS in Electrical Engineering will provide research or technical sales & marketing driven jobs while MS in Engineering Management will provide consulting, administration and technical sales & marketing roles.

5. What is H1B lottery system?
H1B lottery system is a process that has been adopted by US for allocation of H1B work visas. US has a preset number of visas that it issues on an annual basis. The lottery system is used to provide a fair and equitable system by which every candidate has the same opportunity to secure a visa.

6. How important, apart from the course one wishes to pursue, is location of the university when we consider facts like ease of getting internships, moderate/low cost of living, moderate climatic conditions?
Location is essential when deciding a university. When evaluating location, it is important to gain a perspective of the industries and companies represented in the vicinity. For example, if a student is considering pursuing a MS in CS, he should seriously look at Silicon Valley, Boston, Seattle, etc.

7. How many years of work ex is considered good for MS programs?
Relevant work experience prior to pursuing a graduate program will help a student in his MS program as well as when he or she graduates. One to three years of experience is considered good.

8. Will lack of extracurricular activities or non-involvement in volunteering services like NSS affect my chances of getting admit in a U.S. university for Masters?
It depends on how a student markets himself in the SOP. Lack of activities in itself is not a “deal-breaker”.

9. What are the pros and cons of doing one year masters in USA?
The pros of pursuing the one year Masters is that you are ready to enter the workforce sooner and the costs associated with the program is generally less. The negative is that you will not get a chance to secure an internship, which usually converts into a full-time job.

10. What do you think was the best part of your profile that helped you get the funding?
Funding is based on various aspects of the profile. Generally, the admission committee looks at past research/teaching experience, recommendations, statement of purpose and GRE/TOEFL scores. Communication with a professor helps in securing funding.

11. If I get admission from any university without fulfilling Language proficiency (like university's IELTS requirement- 6.5, myscore-6), then what it will be stated in my I-20?
No it will not be stated. However, the I20 might mention that the student requires additional Education as a Second Language (ESL) classes prior to matriculating to the MS program.

12. Want to apply for spring 2016, when should I take both exams (GRE and TOEFL) so that I can get chance for scholarship and RA / TA / GA?
Yes, one should take both exams in case a student wants to apply for Spring 2016. Ideally, the student should complete the exams at the earliest possible date as the deadlines are approaching.

13. Are there any Universities that doesn’t require GRE for MS?
Not all MS programs require GRE. Many technical programs do require the GRE, but it depends on a program by program basis. You can learn more about such universities on MS without GRE in US

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