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Planning for Masters? It is assumed that GRE is the only gateway to your Dream university. But do we really know the importance of GRE? Or do we just think that we know it? " Are you really sure about how much time and efforts you must spend on GRE? Many of us ignore the various other parameters while planning our Masters. Of Course, GRE should always be at the utmost priority, but don’t ignore the other parameters too.

To all the Master aspirants out there, I would like to share my opinions over the importance of CGPA and GRE in getting an admit for Masters in USA. This article is only as per my view and experience, so any conflicting views can also be true.

The first question that generally people ask when you tell someone that you are going abroad is “ What is your GRE score?” Not just them even many consultancies shortlist universities and suggest them to you based on your GRE score. So, is GRE score really that important? Did everyone who got a 330+ GRE score land into their dream universities? The answer is a BIG NO.

Let’s think logically, there are many students who give their GRE exam with as much as 2 weeks preparation and get a decent 310+ score. So do you really think that an exam which can get you a decent score in 2 weeks, which doesn’t even ask any questions relevant to your specialisation supersede or equal the CGPA in priority for getting admits (Your CGPA actually tests your knowledge over all the subjects, especially the ones related to your specialisation, which you will actually be needing as a base for your Masters).

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What is GPA score?

Your CGPA usually defines your hold over the subjects which is why many universities give the highest importance to CGPA over GRE. This is exactly why many universities like University of Southern California usually give you an admit if you have a 9+ CGPA. Not just University of Southern California, you can get into many other universities like Arizona State University, University of Texas at Dallas, if you atleast have an 8+ CGPA score.


What to do in case of a low GPA (CGPA) score?

“I can’t improve my CGPA now as I am already a passed out student. So what should I do now?” Well the chances for you to enter into CGPA centric universities are undoubtedly low, the damage is already done. But you can enter into other equally good universities like Stony Brook University or Virginia Tech, as they usually follow holistic approach, they give admits based on the student’s overall profile and not just your CGPA.

So, now you must have realised how important it is to make your overall profile compelling enough to get into the good universities. If your CGPA is less then you can get into other good universities which follow holistic approach by having a combination of different factors.


Improve your profile holistically by having the following:

  1. Strong research exposure i.e. research papers or research projects
  2. Strong Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendations - Colleges which follow holistic approach usually give high weightage to this factor which many students are unaware of and thus they invest least time and energy on it. I, myself spent nearly 2-3 months making customised SOP’s to every college, and over a month on LOR’s.
  3. Work experience - Your work experience combined with one LOR from your work place can also help you if you have done exceptional work.

I know students whose GRE score was anywhere in between 310 and 335, yet they joined the same university.


So is GRE score not at all useful? Not exactly, good universities would usually prefer you to have a high quant score 165+ and a decent 310+ score, so getting a 170 in quant can be more helpful to you when compared with the overall GRE score for Masters related to Engineering courses.

So study well! Get a good score in GRE but don’t forget that it is not the primary or the only factor to get into your Dream University. In my view, GRE is more like an add-on over your main recipe (CGPA, Research Papers, SOP and LOR) but it is not an equally important factor. You can enroll with Yocket Premium as well to get help in drafting SOP, LOR, in shortlisting universities!

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