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GMAT Accepting Countries: Know About Which Countries Accept GMAT in 2023?

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If you are a business professional willing to improve your career prospects, opting for an MBA or related business degree in top study destinations is a great choice. Such a course can offer you a high return on investment, endless career possibilities and much more. But getting admission to the best B schools abroad is not easy. One of the major requirements here is a GMAT score. 

There are various types of GMAT accepting countries worldwide with different requirements. The GMAT scores are accepted by over 110 different countries including UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand etc. As per the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC, GMAT scores are accepted in more than 2,300 B-Schools for their 7,000 programs. 

This blog will help you to know more about the importance of the GMAT exam requirements and give you the answer of GMAT is applicable for which country.

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of GMAT Exam for Masters Admission in Countries Abroad
  2. Countries Accept GMAT Score
  3. GMAT Requirements in Top Countries 

Importance of GMAT Exam for Masters Admission in Countries Abroad

The GMAT test scores play a significant role in your admission to grduaye business courses along with some other documents such as transcripts, resume etc. A survey done by GMAC shows that the GMAT contributes around 22% of full-time MBA applications, more than the academic transcripts (19%) and interview (20%). Infact, every 8 admissions out of 10 for MBA courses happen through GMAT scores.

Here we have discussed the importance of GMAT in countries abroad.

  • Measures Current Skills: A good GMAT score showcases your analytical, verbal, and quantitative skills that are required for a professional business career. Hence, the test scores are highly valued by the top universities abroad for different business courses.
    • Indicator of Future Prospects: A great test score is always a good indicator of your potential academic performance in an MBA or related program. Almost every business school abroad considers GMAT scores to determine your capabilities.
  • Preference: For every management program such as MBA or EMBA, GMAT scores are required. Currently, GMAT scores have been accepted by more than 7,000 business and management programs across the world. 

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Now that we know about the importance of GMAT scores for Master's admission. Let us now understand which countries accept GMAT scores for admission:

Countries Accept GMAT Score

At the outset of studying any business management program abroad, you might get muddled with the question of which countries require GMAT tests. Presently, there are 110 GMAT accepting countries across the world, including all the top study abroad destinations. However, the total number of universities that accept GMAT in each country may vary greatly.

Some of the most prominent countries accepting GMAT test scores are.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany 
  • New Zealand
  • France

The complete list of countries accepting GMAT for admission can be found on their official GMAT website. You can also check for test acceptance at some specific colleges or universities, associations etc. But for getting full admission and requirements, you must check the guidelines for respective institutions.

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GMAT Requirements in Top Countries

The GMAT score range and requirements vary across countries. Here we have discussed the top countries along with their GMAT requirements:

United States (USA)

The United States has a myriad of institutions coming in the list of top business schools in the world. Being considered the most popular destination for business management courses, the US has some top universities i.e. Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University etc which come under the Top 10 QS World University Rankings for Management. Moreover, due to its high demand and popularity, the average GMAT score in the USA is between 650 to 740

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United Kingdom (UK)

Presently, there are a number of universities and business schools in the UK which are renowned for their business management programs. Some of the top business schools in the UK include London Business School, Warwick Business School, Said Business School etc. The average GMAT score required for admission at the top management colleges in the UK ranges from 600 to 780.

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Being the 3rd most preferred study abroad destination, Australia is considered one of the top countries to study management programs abroad. It has very few business schools that require a decent GMAT score and some others that emphasize on work experience. The average GMAT score required to get admission at top B-schools of Australia like Macquarie University, UWA Business School ranges between 550 to 680.

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Canada also tops in the list of business management graduates because of its quality of education and affordability. 21 business schools in Canada were featured in the list of QS World University Rankings 2022. They include McGill University, McMaster University, University of Alberta and so on. However, Canada has put some specific standards for accepting the GMAT score in their business schools. The minimum score you must have in order to secure admission in Canada is between 550 to 680.

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Because of world-class technology, affordable tuition fees and research avenues, Germany is becoming a popular study destination for management professionals. Some of the famous business schools in Germany include BSBI, GISMA Business School, University of Mannheim which offer admissions to several business management courses. However, to get admission to Germany you must have a minimum GMAT of 550 or above.

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New Zealand

Pursuing a business management program in New Zealand helps you to lay a good amount of importance in developing your personality. This also opens up a number of careers and future prospects for you. To get admission at the top business universities i.e University of Otago, University of Waikato, Massey University etc., you must have a minimum GMAT test score of 550 or above.

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France also comes top in the list when it comes to studying a business management program abroad. Pursuing a business management course in France will help you to grow both personally and professionally. Top B-Schools like HEC Paris, INSEAD, ESSEC Business School, etc., are also located in France. The average GMAT score for getting admission to a management program in France ranges from 550 to 730.

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A good GMAT test score is a ticket to reaching the business school of your dreams. In order to get a very good GMAT test score, you must have a thorough understanding of the GMAT syllabus, exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the examination. This will help you to plan your preparation efficiently. For further guidance and assistance in your study abroad journey, do sign up on Yocket now.



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