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Career Interest or Influence: How Parent’s Professions Impact Children?

Sumeet Jain

Do you remember that PTM, you couldn’t attend because of the conference call? Or the admission deadline that you missed because your mind was too preoccupied with official deadlines? There might have been many important moments or events in your child’s life that you might have missed because of your work commitments. As a working parent, it does get difficult to balance things. Family and work-life relationship is a topic of concern and it is something that you as a parent should most definitely know about. 

This article talks about the impact of parents' profession on their children and some of the best ways to take care of their child’s career.


Role of Parents in Choosing a Career for Their Child

Choosing a profession is a critical choice that impacts an individual's whole future, so it is natural that you as parents can end up being extremely anxious. But you should remember that it is very important to remain positive or else it can turn into a stressful time for all included. As parents you must keep the following points in mind: 


  • Give your children backing and support to explore the numerous choices accessible in order to observe the best professional fit for them.


  • Never disregard ideas your children may have about their future careers. If you react impulsively there will be a negative impact, that may shut down the whole exploration process. It is crucial to understanding and keep the process of communication open. Do encourage your child to gather undepth information on their career interest areas instead of discouraging them about the same. 


  • Recognize that your role is simply to act as a facilitator in your child’s career journey where independent career choices are always welcomed. Such a liberty to make choices marks a young person's first real step into adulthood.


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Factors That Affect A Child's Career Interest 

When thinking about "interest in work," several factors that influence decision-making come to mind, such as "work description," "degree," "scope and outlook," and "salary." 

In addition, other factors that influence a child's interest in a career: 

 1. Fantasy, Inspiration and Role Models

As a kid, we tend to read cartoons, watch a lot of movies, and praise popular fictional or real characters. As children, we want to imitiate those characters, unknowingly drift towards their qualities and personalities, and be like them when we grow up. Make sure that your child follows ideal people, habits and character traits.  


  2. Cultural and Socio-Economic Background

Ethnic and racial backgrounds, affiliations, communities and families often affect the interests of a child's career. The financial background of a child's family often hampers their professional interest and passion for the field. It may or may not force the child to follow their dream job. Culture is often responsible for expectations of our lives, including work and profession.

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 3. Gender

Apart from other prejudices, stereotypes with regards to career choices is prevalent in India. There exists a lot of gender-based career discrimination. For instance, girls are advised not to play soccer, but boys are never encouraged to participate in dance competitions.  Gender and career development are still closely linked, and when faced with such stereotypes, they often affect a child's career interests.


 4. Personality

Closely observe your child’d personality type to guide them in the process of career development. Personality helps identify an interest in the right career that can be the perfect career for your child's abilities. It is also useful for  job hunting, self-marketing and opportunity evaluation. Personality awareness helps your child face inevitable professional challenges throughout their course.

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How can you support your child's professional development? 

The role of parents in developing a child's professional skills is to lay the foundation for their career and encourage them to participate in as many different activities as possible in the early stages of adulthood. Instead of finalizing a particular career interest for your child, guide them to choose that path that interests them. 

Discussed below are some tips to help your child discover interest in the career that is meant for them: 


1. Encourage Your Child's Thinking Skills 

 Providing opportunities to discuss and share opinions and opinions with each other from an early age helps them reflect and make their own informed decisions. Simply include the children in your daily conversation and encourage them to talk  about their problems. 


2. Early Establishment 

It is the roots that make children grow in a particular direction and take responsibility for their choices as they grow up. Pushing children into extracurricular activities and hobbies helps to foster interests that will later become career aspirations.  Having a hobby helps them discover their innate skills and talents, thereby contributing to their self-confidence and personal growth. Encourage children to work towards  passion to  achieve a clearer career path and enrich the lives of adults. 

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3. Decision Making 

Decision making is an important part of a child's personality development. This ability helps him choose his interest in the logical career  of his calling.  Encourage your child to make small decisions from an early age to develop this skill into an important feature of their identity. 


4. Get in Touch With a Counselor

Children may not want to communicate their most private sentiments with you because they don't want to bother you, no matter how much you know about them or how effectively you can lead them. That's why assisting them in finding a mentor may help you guarantee they get the counselling they need, even if it doesn't come directly from you.

The Yocket Premium Counseling Services are a great choice to provide objectivity to your child’s career planning. Our experienced team of counselors at Yocket will be confidantes in whom your children may entirely confide and mediators between you and your child. More significantly, they will develop customised tactics for your child's achievement.

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India is a hub for conventional professions, but due to its still developing socio-economic conditions, the off-beat careers haven’t got the space they should. Our counselors at Yocket can help you and your child look for the most suitable country and university for their career choice. We at Yocket will also help you with the admission process and the other essentials that might look very complicated without proper assistance and research. 

If you are still hesitant or have any queries, do check out our Comprehensive List of FAQs regarding our role in leading thousands of students to the path of success. 

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