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TOEFL Accepting Universities in USA: What is TOEFL Score for USA?

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If you are an international student planning to pursue your higher education in the USA, you will most likely hear about language tests. TOEFL is one of the popular language tests for study abroad students. Its scores have been accepted by over 11,000 colleges and universities across the world. Out of which the USA is one of the countries that accept TOEFL scores for admission.

However, given the number of colleges and universities in the US, it is very natural for students to get confused about which are the TOEFL accepted universities in USA, TOEFL cutoff score for US universities and so on. Here we have covered the TOEFL importance, requirements and top universities in USA accepting only TOEFL scores.

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of TOEFL Scores For US Universities
  2. List of Top Universities Accepting Only TOEFL Scores For in US Universities

Importance of TOEFL Scores For US Universities

The TOEFL test scores play a vital role in determining your selection at the best universities in USA and other countries. Having a good score will lead you to some top universities in USA accepting TOEFL. The importance and TOEFL requirements for US universities can be summarized as below:

  • If you are from a non-English speaking country aspiring to study in USA, the TOEFL is proof of your capability of using and English comprehension.
  • Preparing for the TOEFL enhances and polishes your hearing, speaking, reading, listening and writing English skills.
  • Apart from USA other major countries like the UK, Canada, France Australia, etc accept TOEFL scores for admission into various programs.

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Now we know about the Importance of TOEFL Score requirements for US Universities. Let's check out the list of only TOEFL accepting universities in USA:

Top Universities Accepting only TOEFL Scores in US Universities

There are various universities that accept TOEFL in USA for admission, but before applying, go through the official university website to check the minimum TOEFL cutoff for US universities. Here we have tabulated a list of top TOEFL accepted universities in USA for international students:

University Name

QS World University Rankings 2023

TOEFL Scores

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Recommended: 100

Stanford University


Recommended: 100

Harvard University


Recommended: 104 (Listening: 26, Speaking: 26, Writing: 26, Writing: 26)

California Institute of Technology


Recommended: 80

University of Chicago


Recommended: 104 (Listening: 26, Speaking: 26, Writing: 26, Writing: 26)

University of Pennsylvania


Recommended: 100

Princeton University


Total: 108 (Listening 28,  Reading 29, writing 24, and Speaking 27)

Yale university


Total: 100 (Listening 25,  Reading 25, writing 25, and Speaking 25)

Cornell University


Overall 100

Columbia University


Overall 100

John Hopkins University


Total: 100 (Listening 26,  Reading 26, writing 22, and Speaking 25)

Northwestern university


Overall 100

Duke university


Overall 90

Brown University


Overall 100

Rice University


Overall 90

Washington University


Overall 90

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Surpassing the minimum TOEFL cutoff for US universities will help you to advance your admission to some of the only TOEFL accepting universities in USA and highly competitive courses since the TOEFL score requirements for US universities are generally higher. And if you want to know more about the universities that accept only TOEFL in USA, or anything about studying abroad, do connect with our Yocket Professionals.



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