Letter of Recommendation for Automotive Engineering: How to Draft a Letter of Recommendation for MS in Automotive Engineering?

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A degree in automotive engineering equips prospective students with skills directed toward designing, developing, and manufacturing mechanical systems for several vehicles and automobiles. Ranging from undergraduate to research-oriented MPhil degrees, automotive engineering has today become an important niche in the engineering field, majorly focusing on improving current machine technology and systems. But how can one get enrolled in an automotive course? Is a letter of recommendation (LOR) a crucial document in the application process? Yes, one needs to submit an actionable letter of recommendation for automotive engineering.

A letter of recommendation for MS in automotive engineering will help students intersect with knowledge from other fields, such as electrical engineering, mechatronics, and materials science.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in automotive engineering can further find career opportunities as automotive manufacturing engineers, automotive technical consultants, automotive designers, or quality assurance managers.

Let’s make this dream a reality, first, by understanding the process/structure to draft a LOR for automotive engineering.

What are the LOR Requirements for Automotive Engineering?

It is not an overstatement when we say that LORs are among the most important documents for this engineering discipline. The MS in automotive engineering LOR is one document that will be examined closely by the universities that you wish to apply to; thus, adding considerable weightage to any admission application.

Keep in mind that there are some crucial qualities that need to be mentioned in your LOR, carefully aligned with the skills required to be a good automotive engineer. The recommenders can include these skills in a letter of recommendation for automotive engineering.

  • Teamwork
  • Market knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Experience and knowledge of various types of tools
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Technical expertise

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Types of LOR Required for Automative Engineering Courses

It is a common practice that while applying for a Master’s course, universities require students to submit two academic and one professional letter of recommendation for automotive engineering. On the other hand, for undergraduate courses, the requirements only state three academic LORs. The LOR is an important document as it speaks for the character and personality of the student, thereby becoming an important document for universities to gauge incoming students.

For undergraduate courses, considering the age of the applicants, universities only ask for academic LORs. Moreover, undergraduate students quite often have zero to minimum industry exposure, which is not essentially relevant to be emphasised. Academic LORs in this scenario need to be written by the applicants’ high school teachers and school mentors, emphasising the applicant’s qualities, well-substantiated with examples.

For postgraduate courses, applicants need to submit a mix of academic and professional LORs (if applicable). The academic LORs should essentially be written by the applicant’s undergraduate college professors and the professional LOR can be written by the applicant’s manager in charge or superiors in a professional capacity. These LORs must depict students’ practical exposure and knowledge, focusing on different soft skills like teamwork abilities, leadership skills, and technical abilities. It is extremely important to add examples that the recommender is aware of to substantiate the qualities mentioned in a LOR.

For research-based degrees, the LORs must be provided by academicians, researchers with whom the students have worked, or research guides from undergraduate/postgraduate courses of the applicant. The letter of recommendation for automotive engineering must then focus on the applicant’s research experience and goals, highlighting their affinity towards research. As it goes without saying, even these LORs must be rich with examples substantiating all the qualities mentioned by the recommender.

Sample LOR for Masters (MS

How to Write a LOR for Automotive Engineering Courses?

Just like in any other engineering LORs, a letter of recommendation for MS in automotive engineering can be broadly divided into three parts—introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s explore them one by one!


The Introduction is essentially a small paragraph introducing the recommender, their professional capacity and educational background, and their relationship with the applicant. This paragraph establishes a clear rapport between the recommender and the applicant.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs can be about 2-3 paragraphs long. We recommend you to emphasise quality or two in each paragraph, well-substantiated by real-life examples that the recommender is aware of. It can be a mix of soft skills and technical abilities, essentially focusing on the applicant’s strong suits. Examples are extremely important as they substantiate all the qualities mentioned in the letter, thus making the draft strong and unique.


The conclusion is also a short paragraph essentially summarising all the qualities of the applicant and briefly talking about why the applicant is a good candidate for the university. A letter of recommendation for MS in automotive engineering should be around 500-600 words long, encompassing all three main aspects of the structure. Ideally, it should be a page long along with the letterhead of the organisation providing the recommendation as well.

Note: Every automotive engineering university like the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, etc, usually asks for 2 to 3 or no LORs as part of their application process. However, to know the exact guidelines and rules for writing one, you can check the official university websites.

How to Write an SOP for Automotive Engineering?

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Tips to Write a Letter of Recommendation for MS in Automotive Engineering

You can consider these tips while writing or getting written your letter of recommendation for MS in automotive engineering.

  • It should be directly addressed to the university. Most of the letters begin with “I am recommending XYZ for the master's course at your university”. Instead, it should add a more personal touch by mentioning the name of the course and university (if finalised by the applicant). It is important that the admissions committee feels that the letter is exclusively addressed to them.
  • Explain the recommender’s relationship with the student, including details as to how long they have known each other, how you got introduced to each other, and so on.
  • State why the applicant is a great fit for the course at that particular university. Highlight their strengths. Depending on the university and its admissions committee, this point needs to be customised to a great extent.
  • Are there any bad qualities in the candidate? If yes, then how can the course help them improve?
  • You can then conclude with a general overview of the student and how they will use the course and its concepts for the greater good and supplement their future careers.
  • Do not use the recommendation letters available on the internet! Instead, seek help from university alumni to understand a basic overview of how the LOR should be drafted.

Letter of Recommendation Guide for MS, MBA, and Others

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