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Why You Should Not Stop Your Child From Attending College In Another Country

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It is normal for you to worry about your child when they talk about moving to a separate country. Even if you support their dreams, many other concerns could keep you up at night. You might worry about their safety, the people they meet, how they’ll manage the daily chores, etc. All of your concerns are valid and understandable but do not let them cloud your decision. Under no circumstances should you stop your child from attending college in another country.

You might wonder why we are so adamant in saying this, so don't worry, this blog will accurately discuss every point as to why you should not stop your child from attending college in another country.

Why a foreign country is a good option?

As a parent, you might wonder why your child wants to study abroad when they can simply study in their own country too. After all, education is education everywhere. But you need to understand that studying abroad is much more than just education. Below mentioned are some reasons why a foreign country is a good option.

Formation of Self-Identity

A new setting and diversified exposure will provide your child with the ideal opportunity to develop their individual distinct character. It is their chance to understand what is right and bad, what their distinctive abilities and qualities are, and so on. Such self-identity development is vital because it enhances character, improves problem-solving skills, builds confidence, and contributes to the development of a well-rounded human.


Filling out papers, cashing a check, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, cooking meals, and traveling alone may seem insignificant to you as an adult, but they are significant to your child who has never done any of these things on their own. When your child is away from home, he or she will learn to accomplish all of these things without your assistance. They'll learn to be self-sufficient individuals who don't need to rely on others for food.

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Choosing a college can be difficult, but providing your child the power to make this decision is critical. That is where students will learn to analyze the pros and drawbacks and do a comprehensive study before making a decision. Following that, they will feel secure enough to make other day-to-day and more significant decisions on their own, such as selecting the correct social circle, planning their studies and career, deciding on a specialization for post-graduation, and what sort of job to pursue, and so on.

These insights will shape their activities and educate them on how to make decisions on their own.

Better Opportunities

It is very possible that your child is requesting to leave the country because they visualize a better future in another country. In terms of the college environment, population, professors, brand value, or placements, the institution in the other country may be superior. Denying them the option to attend a higher institution means they will miss out on all of the possibilities that will help them in the long run.

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Your child may suffer a variety of adjustment challenges as a result of a total change in lifestyle and surroundings, such as adjusting to a roommate, new culture, diet, education system, and so on. Is it simple? No. But that's when the beauty of adaptation comes into play. Coping with these adversities will make them much stronger.

If they made the decision on their own, they will own up to it anyhow and be on their own. Be patient during the entire process and do remember the role of parents in choosing the right career is huge.


Back at home, children know that you are always there to deal with the nitty-gritty. However, after stepping out of their comfort zone, they must plan their lives entirely on their own. They will get a sense of responsibility for their lives by managing funds, vacations, notes, and assignments, as well as organizing the clothes, making the bed, and packing bags. This allows them to take the initiative, create plans, and become more organized in the process.

The experience of living in a new place, culture, and environment boost a child's confidence. If they enjoy the decisions they've made, they'll go out of their way to make sure they take advantage of every potential opportunity. The environment they are in will instil ambition, self-reliance, and, eventually, self-growth. As a parent, it is critical that you do not stifle their development by putting your decision on them. You will undoubtedly experience anxiety and dread for their well-being, but you must make the best decision for their career and progress.

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Get in Touch with a Counselor

A third-person guidance goes a long way. There are high chances that you and your child might not be aware of specific details of the courses and universities abroad. An experienced professional can be of great help in such situations. A career or study abroad counselor will guide you and be there with you throughout the process. This will help prevent any hiccups and make the process a lot smoother. With their experience, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Their qualified opinions will also increase your trust levels towards the whole study abroad idea. 

If you're having trouble narrowing down and selecting the best institution and course for your child, our career counselors at Yocket would be more than happy to assist you. With a broader scope of knowledge, Yocket’s online counselors have adequate experience of assisting thousands of students to study in the college/university of their dream.

Yocket Premium Counseling Services aim to make your study abroad journey simpler, and thus our counselors are available to help you all the time. We make difficult and complex-looking topics easier for you and your child. We do our research and present you with various plans and backups to save your time.

If you’re looking for efficient and reliable guidance, contact us at Yocket today.

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