Bachelors in Astrophysics Abroad


Astrophysics is a branch of Astronomy that applies the principles of physics and chemistry to study celestial bodies like stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and other objects in the universe. Astrophysics has two sibling sciences viz. Astronomy and Cosmology, and the lines in between them often blur. But Astrophysics as a discipline is more associated with the physical theories and properties of the celestial bodies. Thus, it ventures beyond mere observation of positions or motions of planets and stars in space into the nature of the astronomical objects. Astrophysicists are at the forefront of the research and study to understand the universe and its constituent bodies like stars, planets, galaxies and other celestial objects. Students who find themselves interested in discovering and investigating changes in space and the properties of different celestial bodies can consider taking up Astrophysics for their undergraduation. The Bachelor’s program will provide a headstart to those looking to develop a career in this field. Also, you can explore the field as a whole and get to know the about subsets of the domain, in which you can then choose to specialise later. Astrophysics, as a professional field, demands a robust knowledge base and research methods, and pursuing a bachelor’s program can help you develop the same.

Course Structure

To be a skilled Astrophysicist in today’s age of advancing space research and exploration, you will have to study a wide range of course topics during the Bachelor’s program. Below is the list of core courses in Bachelor’s of Astrophysics:

  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Statistics

Course Subjects

Students planning to study Astrophysics abroad must have a good grasp of the required subjects before commencing the Bachelor’s program. Following are the subjects required for Bachelor’s in Astrophysics:

  • English
  • Calculus and Vectors
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Advanced Functions

Top Specializations

Core Skills


Top Scholarships

Work Opportunities

Some career possibilities after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics:

  • Research Associate
  • Professor
  • Cosmological Data Analyst
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Structural and Stress Engineering