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What is the GMAT score required for MBA in Australia?

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Australia falls in the top three countries in the world for its quality of education. Pursuing MBA in one of the top colleges in Australia gives you the knowledge, experience and exposure to take on leadership roles. Gaining admission into Australian universities to study any MBA specialisation requires you to obtain a minimum GMAT score. To help you take the next step, this blog gives you all the information about GMAT scores to study MBA in Australia.

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What Is The Minimum GMAT Score Required For MBA In Australia?

The universities in Australia offer 77 specialisation programs in Master of Business Administration (MBA). Some of the programs are accredited by AACSB, whereas AACSB accredits others. Therefore, the GMAT score for MBA in Australia varies based on the accreditation body, minimum work experience and other course requirements.

The minimum GMAT score required to get into Australian universities for MBA is 550. To increase the chances of gaining admission into top universities, it is ideal to have a competitive score of more than 650. For instance, the GMAT score required for MBA in Australia at Monash Business School is 650; Melbourne Business School requires a minimum GMAT score of 695.

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Factors Affecting Average GMAT Score For MBA In Australia

One must appear in GMAT Australia to get into MBA colleges in Australia. This is one of the critical factors in your admission process. The Graduate Management Aptitude Test, or GMAT, is a computer-based examination of 3.5 hours. The exam paper pattern is divided into four sections: verbal ability, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing assessment, and an integrated reasoning section.

A minimum score might vary for colleges on various factors. Here we have given some significant factors that may impact your GMAT score for MBA in Australia requirements.

  • The average GMAT score requirements for the business schools and colleges of Australia are based on the total number of aspirants who applied for admission.
  • Scoring more than the average marks in GMAT for Australian universities will give you an added advantage over other students.
  • The minimum GMAT score for MBA in Australia does not ensure that you will get accepted into the top recognised colleges.
  • The GMAT score required for MBA in Australia differs from one university to the other. This is based on the nature and requirements of the MBA program and other criteria the university sets.
  • Submitting the GMAT Australia not only gives you an advantage in the admission process but also provides you with assistance in covering your deficiencies in other areas, such as academic marks or achievements.
  • The GMAT colleges in Australia for MBA will also allow you to appear in GMAT as often as possible. They will also look at your best scores.

Now we know about the role of GMAT scores in the admission process, let's talk about some of the top MBA colleges in Australia with GMAT scores.

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Top Universities: GMAT Score Required For MBA In Australia

GMAT score is one of the essential requirements for admission to the top MBA colleges in Australia. Apart from attaining the minimum GMAT score for MBA in Australia, top B- Schools in Australia also select students based on various factors for their MBA programs. Those requirements for Australian Universities include a high GPA score bachelor, professional work experience, minimum ELP scores, recommendation letters and an interview. Make sure you go through the official website of these colleges to find out the exact requirements for the MBA programs.

Let us look at the top MBA colleges in Australia with GMAT score requirements and some other essential information.

University Name

QS Global MBA Rankings 2022

Average GMAT Score

Average Total Tuition Fee

The University of Melbourne,

Melbourne Business School




AUD 92,250/

INR 49,07,000





AUD 78,480 /

INR 41,74,000


Monash University,

Monash Business School



AUD 93,200 /

INR 49,57,000


Macquarie University,

Macquarie Business School




AUD 81,600 /

INR 43,40,000

The University of Queensland, UQ Business School




AUD 82,584 /

INR 44,00,000

University of Western Australia Business School




AUD 64,200 /

INR 34,14,500

RMIT University School of Business and Law




AUD 95,040 /

INR 50,55,000

The University of South Australia,

Unisa Business School




AUD 72,000 /

INR 38,30,000

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You must note that the top MBA colleges in Australia with GMAT given above have higher score requirements than various other institutions. However, their GMAT score requirements are higher than others and much or less similar to other recognised institutions. Since these are some of the top GMAT-accepting colleges in Australia and will receive a bulk of applications, they have a more competitive admission process and higher test scores.

Apart from the above-listed universities, various other universities require students to submit a minimum GMAT Australia score. Let us take a look at these institutions.

Some of the top Australian Universities that accept a low GMAT score are,

  1. University of Technology Sydney
  2. University of South Australia
  3. University of Wollongong
  4. La Trobe University
  5. University of Newcastle
  6. University of Western Sydney
  7. RMIT University

One most important things to consider is that a lower GMAT score will attract many students for admission. Therefore, try to make your overall student profile strong to stand out among the competition to be safer.

Wrapping up

With all the information about GMAT scores to gain admission into a top Australian university for MBA, you are equipped to take the next step and appear for the GMAT. With adequate planning and preparation, you can clear the GMAT with flying colours to gain admission to study MBA in your dream Australian university. If you need more guidance on which MBA university to choose in Australia, feel free to reach out to our Yocket counsellors.

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT Score For MBA In Australia

Ques: Is GMAT mandatory to study MBA in Australia?

Ans: No, a few universities in Australia do not require you to take the GMAT to apply for an MBA. They are the University of South Australia, Deakin University, Curtin University and the University of Wollongong.

Ques: What is the maximum number of times to take the GMAT in one year?

Ans: You can appear for GMAT exams up to five times in one calendar year. Securing high GMAT scores will increase your chances of gaining admission quickly into top universities in Australia.

Ques: Do Australian universities accept GRE scores instead of GMAT?

Ans: Some universities that accept GMAT scores also accept GRE scores. But GRE is a widely accepted entrance test for MBA across Business Schools in Australia. So, to increase your chances of studying in one of the top B-schools, it is recommended that you appear for the GMAT.

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Ques: Does MBA pursued in Australia have demand?

Ans: Yes, Australia has some of the best universities in the world. MBA completed from an Australian university holds value throughout the world. The demand for MBA graduates is ever-increasing. The value of MBA graduates from a top Australian universities can gain good salaries and job roles in any industry.

Ques: Is it easy to clear the GMAT for MBA in Australia?

Ans: GMAT gauges the quantitative and critical skills of an individual. With thorough preparation and practice, it is easy to clear the GMAT.

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