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GRE Argument Essay: Know About GRE Argument Essay Tips

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While most of the GRE applicants are good at verbal and quantitative reasoning, there are few who lack expertise in the GRE argument essay writing section. However, to obtain an advantage over other aspirants by scoring perfect marks in the analytical writing section, it is essential to know how to write GRE argument essay.

But how can you get a perfect score in writing? For this, you need to showcase your critical thinking by creating compelling and effective comments on flaws and unproven assumptions of the arguments. Well, then what if someone is not good at writing essays? Are there any GRE argument essay tips that can be helpful?

So, to assist you in writing an argument, here we have discussed the argument task grade tips, their importance and some do's and don'ts that will help you to become competent enough to create, and communicate your ideas through the GRE argument essay.

Table of Contents
  1. What is the Importance of the GRE Argument Essay Section?
  2. How to Prepare for GRE Argument Essay?
  3. Tips for GRE Argument Essay
  4. Do’s and Don'ts During GRE Argument Essay Preparation
  5. Frequently Asked Questions on GRE Argument Preparation

What is the Importance of the GRE Argument Essay Section?

The argument essay of the GRE evaluates how well you understand, analyse and write an argument changing the perspectives from the issue essay. This has to be completed within 30 minutes. You can incorporate some particular writing strategies learned in the English compositions or write an intensive program.

In this essay, you have to analyse an argument and go through assumptions and flaws giving you the references to a specific direction. The raters of the essay are good enough who may look into your diversified content, control of grammar and persuasive writing.

A good GRE argument essay assesses validation of your critical thinking, reasoning and your perspectives about the argument. Besides, it is a great predictor, and many universities use it as a significant factor. In fact, having a poor GRE argument writing score can withdraw your chances of getting selected.

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Now we know the importance of argument essays, let's check out how to write argument essay GRE and its study plan:

How to Prepare for GRE Argument Essay?

There is no specific approach if you are preparing for the GRE argument essay, but usually, you can practise for it either under a time limit or not. The best way is to pick some topics from ETS official prompts or can refer to some study materials. Here are some tips for GRE argument essay to be considered during preparation.

  • Before starting to write an essay read the prompts and instructions given on the paper to understand it properly.
  • Decide your position to take and defend.
  • Define your evidence to support the decision.
  • Get some feedback on your response from any teacher who instructs critical thinking and writing or from any student.
  • Go through each point you have missed in the score criteria in the guide and take some measures to improve.

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Now you know some steps of how to write GRE argument essay. Let's explore a few tips that will surely help you in scoring 6.0 in the argument essay:

Tips for GRE Argument Essay

Here we have discussed some tips for argument essay GRE for writing. You can include these in your essay and communicate your ideas with clarity to your academic raters:

Contradict Argument

Your first task in the GRE argument essay is to find the flaws in the author's essay and not to acknowledge the writing. You must understand that the given essay is enough to clash with the heads and the marks of the argument are also based on how efficiently you present your views on the argument.

Identify Illogical Conceptions

The GRE argument essay prompt contains some unstated assumptions made by the author called as logical fallacies. Hence, it is your task to use the body paragraphs of the essay to explain how your arguments will rely on the fallacies and fail to achieve their goal.

The best way is to think of the logical fallacies as holes in the argument. There are various ways in which these holes may appear in the Argument essay prompts, it may depend on what the author is arguing about and the things can get changed over time.

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Adjust the Faults

While finding the faults in the argument, do not pick too many not even one. You must try to find evidence of 3 distinct faults in the given author's essay. The best way is to pick one of the glaring assumptions and write a long paragraph on it, describing why an assumption is unwarranted and the way to make the argument stronger.

Outline Essay

Read the argument carefully. Read this a few times to avoid some arguments which might help you to escape on the first reading. Use some particular evidence from the essay, along with a solid analysis which can make your point. Also, use vocabulary with some concrete examples with a thorough analysis.

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Make Introduction Short And Crisp

The introduction of the essay should be short, crisp and to the point. Do not even try to craft persuasive and attention-seeking sentences. Use some powerful words to showcase your confidence in the essay.

Follow Structure

The most important tips for GRE writing is to make a good structure for the essay to score well on the test. The best one is to begin the essay with an eloquent introduction that states and mentions issues, before elaborating in the body paragraphs.

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With GRE argument essay tips, let's go on through some do's and don'ts in the preparation:

Do’s and Don'ts During GRE Argument Essay Preparation

Before writing an argument essay in the GRE test, it is crucial for you to know about the do's and don'ts in the test. The following can be a guide to tackle your GRE argument essay:

Do’s for GRE Argument Essay

Don'ts for GRE Argument Essay

Check out some previous year GRE tests to get acquainted with the type of topics asked in argument essays.

Do not try to write any pros of both sides of the arguments

Carefully read the instructions and topics thoroughly.

Don't forget to relate the given examples with the thesis.

Manage the given time wisely and focus more on writing the essay.

Don't forget how to identify the assumptions of the topic and find some logical fallacies.

Evaluate the argument.

Don't try to state your own views and opinions in the argument essay.

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The GRE essay is one of the important and scoring parts of the test. Thorough practice and ahead-of-the-time preparation can even help you to hit a sixer. To know more about your weakness and strengths in the argument task, you can opt for our Yocket’s GRE Prep and can take a quick GRE test. This will also help you to gather some important insights and GRE argument essay tips for the exam. For further guidance and assistance, get in touch with our counselors at Yocket.

Frequently Asked Questions on GRE Argument Preparation

Ques. How long should argument essay be in GRE?

Ans. The argument essay must include at least four indented paragraphs and consist of 350 to 600 words ideally somewhere in the 500 to 600-word range. The quality must be most important, but in order to achieve it you need to provide a solid line of reasoning and some excellent examples.

Ques. What are the 5 parts of an argumentative essay?

Ans. The five parts of an argumentative essay include a strong introduction with a clear and concise thesis, a three body paragraphs substantiated with detailed evidence and a compelling conclusion. You can also use some transitional words and phrases that will guide the readers through the arguments.

Ques. Can I skip analytical writing on GRE?

Ans. The GRE analytical essay portions may consist of two essays. Skipping this does not help you in scoring overall GRE scores. Not doing this section can reduce your likelihood of getting into a graduate school.

Ques. Can I prepare for GRE argument essay in 15 days?

Ans. 15 days are more than enough to prepare for the GRE argument essay. You just need to practice some essay topics such as 5 or 6. Follow all the given instructions, get the write-up to be reviewed and make some improvements in the next one.

Ques. What is a good GRE argument essay score?

Ans. The GRE argument essay is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. However, a good score may vary from 4.5 to 6.

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