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QS World Sustainability University Rankings 2023 Released

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QS Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has recently released the QS World Sustainability University Rankings:, a new ranking system focusing on the universities taking action to tackle the world's environmental and social concerns. With over 1300 higher education institutions listed on QS, about 700 have met the requirements to get a spot in the ranking.

  • This new ranking framework for sustainability is in terms of two critical factors, environmental impact and social impact, each contributing 50% to an institution's scores.
  • Also, each category includes several sub-indicators, known as "performance lenses" by QS rankings. The environmental impact category is based on three measures, i.e. sustainable education, sustainable institutions, and sustainable research.
  • The social impact category includes five measures, i.e. knowledge exchange, equality, the impact of education, quality of life and employability & opportunities. 

Check out the QS methodology description to get more about the performance lenses and their weight in institutions. 

Universities Making an Impact 

According to QS officials, this new ranking provides universities and students with a framework to monitor institutions' commitment towards making a difference in today's sustainability problem.

" Most Universities are uniquely spotted to lead global efforts in imposing environmental and social changes through teaching, research and community management," said Jessica Turner, CEO of QS, in a news release on QS World University Rankings: Sustainability.

Turner said, " QS Rankings aims to give prospective students independent insight into every university listed on improving sustainability issues. 

She added that we are seeking to support the universities in monitoring and benchmarking their progress as they endeavour to implement their Environment, Social and Government (ESG) strategies and can find the solutions to bizarre global concerns.

Also, Andrew MacFarlane, Manager of QS rankings, emphasised the importance of sustainability goals. According to him, " Through highlighting the impact of universities alumni, alignment of their research with the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals, or policies and governance, we expect that Top Universities QS Rankings: Sustainability will help to identify further the efforts of the universities to meet the global challenges we are facing". 

Top 10 Universities in QS Sustainability Rankings 2023

UC Berkeley of the United States becomes the global leader, followed by two Canadian universities, UCB and Toronto, in QS World University Rankings Sustainability 2023. Here is a list of top 10 high-ranking universities in the world of sustainability, along with their country:

University Name 


UC Berkeley 


University of Toronto 


University of British Columbia 


University of Edinburgh 


University of New South Wales


University of Sydney 


The University of Tokyo 


University of Pennsylvania 


Yale University 


The University of Auckland 

New Zealand 

Out of 700 universities, the US dominates the list with 135 universities followed by the UK (67), Germany (39), China Mainland (37), Australia (33) and Italy (31). Around 15 Indian universities are also ranked in QS Top Universities Sustainability 2023, including IIT Bombay (281-300) and IIT Delhi (321-340), Jawaharlal Nehru University (361-380) etc.

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