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The GRE Experience

Vineel Chandra
2 mins read

Hey Guys! I’m Siddarth Diwanji from Mumbai. I haven’t really decided much about grad school except that my first preference is Singaporean Universities. I would like to share my GRE test experience with you.

My target before the exam: 321

Preparation time: two and half months


Section 1: Essays.

Section 2: (Verbal)

It was my most terrible section. As soon as I started, I blanked on the first question. I paused here for few minutes, then ignored and moved to the next one, that too I couldn’t answer. I could hardly answer any questions in this section. Something went wrong, I knew it. The vocabulary was simple, but the sentence structures were very complicated.

Section 3: (Math)

I started this fine. Then came Data Interpretation, and I was shocked to see that the questions were really tricky.

The scary part was that I could actually imagine my scores dropping from 340 to 330 and to 325!

BREAK: I just thought about my second half of my test. I thought I have to make at least more than 310, and I will!

Section 4:-

This was slightly easier verbal section but with the same complicated sentences. RCs were tough as usual with a lot of philosophy and literature. But to my surprise, the paragraph arguments were very easy.

Section 5:-

Toughest math section I have ever given. There were many combinations and probability questions. I did not find a single standard deviation, quartile, parabola, normal distribution question in my entire test.

Section 6:-

Another verbal section, again. Though it included difficult and long RCs, I’ve done it like a cakewalk.

FINAL SCORE: 320 (Q165 V155)


Having an extraordinary vocabulary may help you in life, but for the GRE, get ready to get disappointed. Let me be very clear- the GRE was my toughest exam ever. There is a life lesson here. Be absolutely mentally prepared for the worst case scenario and also have lower limit score in your mind, so that if you hit between the limits, you are okay!

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck for the GRE. Hope you do get your target score.

Have a nice day, I mean---Nice D-day!


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