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My GRE Experience: Siddarth Diwanji’s Section-Wise GRE Exam Analysis

Vineel Chandra

We have heard numerous stories about students ruining their entire GRE exam with mere lack of time, or preparing less for a particular subject. This section-wise analysis will help you understand the intricacies of taking the very famous GRE exam.

Hey Guys! I’m Siddarth Diwanji from Mumbai. I haven’t really decided much about grad school except that my first preference is Singaporean Universities. I would like to share my GRE test experience with you.

My target before the exam was to score 321, within a preparation time of two and half months.

Here is a glimpse of My Big Day: 

Section 1: Essays

Section 2: Verbal

It was my most terrible section. As soon as I started, I blanked on the first question. I paused here for a few minutes, then ignored and moved to the next one, that too I couldn’t answer. I could hardly answer any questions in this section. Something went wrong, I knew it. The vocabulary was simple, but the sentence structures were very complicated.

Section 3: Math

I started this fine. Then came Data Interpretation, and I was shocked to see that the questions were really tricky.

The scary part was that I could actually imagine my scores dropping from 340 to 330 and to 325!

BREAK: I just thought about my second half of my test. I thought I have to make at least more than 310, and I will!

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Section 4: This was a slightly easier verbal section but with the same complicated sentences. RCs were tough as usual with a lot of philosophy and literature. But to my surprise, the paragraph arguments were very easy.

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Section 5: Toughest math section I have ever given. There were many combinations and probability questions. I did not find a single standard deviation, quartile, parabola, normal distribution question in my entire test.

Section 6: Another verbal section, again. Though it included difficult and long RCs, I’ve done it like a cakewalk.

FINAL GRE SCORE: 320 (Q165 V155)


Having an extraordinary vocabulary may help you in life, but for the GRE, get ready to get disappointed. Let me be very clear- the GRE was my toughest exam ever. There is a life lesson here. Be absolutely mentally prepared for the worst case scenario and also have a lower limit score in your mind, so that if you hit between the limits, you are okay!

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck for the GRE. Hope you do get your target score.

Have a nice day, I mean---Nice D-day!

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