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Prepare for GRE in 2 Weeks: Know How To Prepare for GRE in 2 Weeks

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GRE General Test is conducted by the ETS, it is a computerised MCQ test that evaluates international students' academic readiness while seeking admission to graduate schools. Universities in the UK, US, Canada and other countries require the GRE scores to measure a student's potential. The GRE is, in fact, one of the most widely accepted admission tests across the globe. 

A good GRE score will help you in securing a place at your desired college/university. The last 2 weeks before your GRE are crucial for your test preparation. In order to build a framework for your ideal study plan, let’s look into this step-by-step guide on “how to study for GRE in 2 weeks”.

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Tips On How To Study For GRE In 2 Weeks

In order to prepare for your GRE General Test, you must know the 3 different sections of the exam. ETS offers loads of GRE study prep material to help you prepare. Let us have a look at the points considering how to prepare for GRE in 2 weeks: 

  • Make a study plan that requires you to study for about 5 hours daily.
  • For the GRE Vocabulary section, try to learn 50 new words on a daily basis.
  • For the Quants section, try to practise the topics parallelly instead of going sequentially. 
  • Include as many GRE practice tests as you can in your study plan
  • Make a list of all the topics that need to be covered in the exam
  • Use your time to become familiar with the GRE format
  • Keep a track of time; don’t get carried away with learning just one topic
  • Don’t just choose a random date; select a date after reasonably assessing your preparation and learning pace.

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Week-Wise GRE Study Plan For 2 Weeks

Week-Wise GRE Study Plan For 2 Weeks

A good score in the GRE General Test may sound like a difficult task, but you can definitely achieve it with a bit of persistence. Relying on the right resources and adhering to your study plan will immensely help you in your GRE prep. We have compiled a two-week study plan for you that you can follow for better preparation. 

1.Week One

This week needs to be dedicated to planning a study schedule, setting realistic goals and achieving them in an organised manner. So let’s know how to study for GRE in one week? 

  • Make a study schedule that includes practising the different sections of the GRE - Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Take a full-length mock GRE test in the designated time period and review your strengths and weaknesses in detail. 
  • The next step is to rationally determine how much time you need to spend in each section. 
  • Set small achievable targets daily such as covering two topics in the Quants section, one topic in the Analytical Writing section and learning 20+ new words for the Verbal Reasoning section. 
  • Do practice GRE questions of all the sections you covered on a daily basis. 
  • At the end of week one, keep track of all the practice questions that you could not answer and go over them on the weekend. 

Hope you have figured out how to study for GRE in a week!

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2. Week Two

In week 2 before your GRE General Test, you need to focus on more practice tests. This week is all about relearning everything you learned in the past week. 

  • Take a full-length mock GRE test in the allotted time period and evaluate your shortcomings.
  • Focus on the topics you feel the most confident about in all three sections of the GRE Test - Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. 
  • Increase your targets, such as learning 50+ new words on a daily basis and practising their usage in sentences. 
  • Take as many practice tests as you can in the Quants section to improve your timing. 
  • Download essays from the official GRE website and go through the passages thoroughly.
  • The last two days before the GRE General Test is when you should keep your mind and body calm. Take a break and compose yourself for a better outcome.

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The GRE is one of the most popular entrance tests internationally and thousands of students sit for this exam each year. A good GRE score will automatically leave a positive impression on your university application and help you secure a place at your desired university. 

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