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Ireland’s Covid-19 Efforts Motivate Students To Study In Irish Universities

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Covid-19 pandemic slowed down admissions globally, as the fear of the virus spread put a halt on the movement of students. Countries like Ireland have been taking decisive steps to mitigate the impact of COVID, encouraging more students to arrive in the country.

For instance, the nation had the highest national vaccination rates in Europe and its public healthcare system stepped up against the situation pretty well. It is for efforts like these that Ireland was named the best country for its response to the pandemic in September 2021 in Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking. Which brought cheer to students planning to study in the country.

Located on the westernmost tip of Europe, Ireland is known for its high-quality education offered at higher education institutions that provide internationally recognised, quality assured qualifications.

Quick Facts

  • About 50,000 international students are currently studying in Irish universities.
  • in Ireland, there are 34 higher education institutions offering more than 5,000 programmes.
  • All the universities in Ireland are ranked in the top 3% of institutions globally, with many featuring in the top 1%.

Ireland Offers Vast Opportunities

Ireland offers international students to meet their educational needs in highly reputed B-schools, and centres of scientific and technical excellence. Students can also undergo popular renowned language, humanities and arts courses at Irish Universities.

According to Barry O’Driscoll, Regional Manager, India & South Asia for Education in Ireland, said, “Ireland has retained its position as a preferred study destination for many international students being one of the few countries that have effectively opened up its borders to its international students.”

O’Driscoll also pointed out that Ireland’s education system ranks in the top 10 globally and is one that meets the needs of a competitive economy. “This meant that we saw a lot of genuine interest in undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different streams including ICT, business, medicine and pharmacy, hospitality and tourism, as well as humanities and the arts, the sector-wise seminars enlightened students on popular programmes and career opportunities after their degrees,” he added.

Ireland Could Welcome More International Students

Ireland’s strategy for welcoming back international students to the campuses of Irish universities appears to be working so far. The Irish higher education institutions are expected to have a strong intake of international students with the upcoming September intake.

The number of students in full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programs is expected to witness impressive growth in the upcoming admissions. Students under ‘Study abroad’ and exchange programs could also increase in Irish universities.

Indian Students in Ireland

The number of Indian students going to Ireland for higher studies has been on the rise. For finance, in 2012, a mere 800 Indian students were studying in universities there.

A decade later, in the last academic cycle, there were approximately 5,000 Indian students enrolled in various undergraduate, master's and PhD level courses at Irish institutes.

More than 90% of Indian students in Ireland are pursuing studies at the master's level, with a majority of such undergraduates securing employment in Ireland after completing their courses.

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