Masters abroad: preps and steps

How to start shortlisting Universities?


Each intake, we get thousands of queries about the right way to shortlist Universities! (really, thousands). Our inbox is usually filled with questions like:

  • How should I shortlist universities?
  • What criteria should I keep in mind when shortlisting?
  • How many universities should I shortlist?
  • Will aiming for only top universities help me?

If you have also spent any time pondering about the right answer to these questions, then we suggest you read on to get the perfect information to help you kickstart this vital part of your application process. Let’s begin!

Shortlisting universities abroad depends on the following factors:

  • Course/ Stream of your choice and interest
  • On-Campus Placements and career opportunities
  • Tuition Fees and Living Expenses
  • Financial aid for international students
  • Location (advantage in getting Off-Campus Job)
  • Ranking of the University
  • The acceptance rate of International students
  • Course Duration
  • The difficulty level of the courses
  • Weather
  • Friends / Classmates
  • Relatives

How many Universities should you shortlist?

Even though there is no correct answer, Yocket Experts always suggest shortlisting 6-10 universities in your desired country and for the course that you decide to pursue. The reason for that?! You guessed it! Applying to universities abroad can quickly become a  costly affair given the average application fee of about 100 USD. So you wouldn’t want to waste your chances right?

At Yocket, we believe in risk diversification when it comes to University Shortlisting. 

Simply put, try to shortlist universities based on your profile and your chances of getting an admit! 

Want to make this process even easier?

Follow our template for shortlisting universities!

  • Safe Universities: Universities where you meet most of the admission criteria/requirements

Also known as: 

“I can crack this University with ease!”

  • Target Universities: Universities where you have mixed reviews for the criteria 

Also known as: 

“Oh! Let’s focus on cracking this one”

  • Ambitious Universities: Universities where you might not be certain of getting an admit but you still want to apply since it’s your dream university.

Also known as: 

“You know what?! Why not!”

Speaking of getting the perfect Universities, did you know that you can talk to our counsellors to get a FREE profile evaluation?! So shortlisting the perfect Universities doesn't have to wait..

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So there you have it. A comprehensive guide on how to start shortlisting universities! Don’t wait! Let the shortlisting begin!

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