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The University of Neuchatel is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. It is a French-speaking university that has more than a dozen institutes under four faculties, including natural sciences, human sciences, arts, economics, and law. It was founded in 1838 and has a total enrollment of approximately 4500 students. The prestigious University of Neuchâtel was founded by Frederick William III of Prussia -the notable King of Prussia. 

The University of Neuchâtel is renowned for offering access to a myriad of scholarship programs and academic rewards.

  • The Swiss Foundation of Studies
  • The Branco Weiss Fellowship
  • Prix de Thèse René Cassin, 2018

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Neuchâtel

The main reasons to study at the University of Neuchâtel are: 

  • The institution is moderately sized, and there is ample solidarity in the student community.
  • While students participate actively in classes, seminars, fieldwork, excursions, and group work, a culture of interaction is instilled in them.
  • From the very outset, students begin interacting with various researchers and doctoral assistants encouraged to participate in different projects. This makes the students more motivated to enter into research and interact more with the research community.
  • At the University of Neuchâtel, internationally renowned professors who are experts in their fields are chosen, especially for their teaching and academic skills and networks. They are excellent mentors who guide students toward great success.
  • The University of Neuchâtel Rankings are worthy of mention.

Cost of Studying at University of Neuchâtel

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)

CHF 26,100

Average living expenses (Masters)

CHF 26,100

Average on-campus living expenses

CHF 5,400

Admissions at The University of Neuchâtel

Application Fee

CHF 100

How to Apply at University of Neuchâtel

The following are the steps for the entire application procedure at the University of Neuchâtel

  • Sign up at the university portal to fill out the online application form
  • Upload your secondary/ high school/ college academic records.
  • Get the transcripts evaluated by authorized agencies.
  • Submit your English proficiency scores and any other aptitude test scores as mentioned
  • Submit other necessary documents.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

University of Neuchâtel Cost/Fee for application: None

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Documents Required to Apply to University of Neuchâtel

  • English language test scores
  • Official high school transcripts certified and translated into English or French
  • Official post-secondary transcripts (for graduate courses)
  • University of Neuchâtel International Students' Health Insurance
  • Financial documents
  • Valid photo identification 
  • Copy of passport and valid study permit

Exams Accepted By the University

Each University of Neuchâtel course has specific requisites and criteria for admission into the university, some of which are:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements

(not required unless specifically mentioned in the course profile/brochure)


General and subject-related aptitude test scores as mentioned by the university.


As mentioned in the application brochure of the university.



English Proficiency Requirements

To get through the University of Neuchâtel admission, the students have to qualify for the following English proficiency tests:


Minimum Test Requirements 

(not required unless the course is in English)


5.5  or higher 


105 or higher


80 or higher 

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Rankings for The University of Neuchâtel

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International Students

% of international students in the university


Total International Students in the university



Some of them mentionable alumni of the University of Neuchâtel is:

  • Dick Marty -Swiss Politician
  • Jean Piaget -Swiss psychologist
  • Mohammad Mosaddegh -Iranian Politician 
  • Alain Berset -Swiss politician 
  • Mimi Khalvati -British Poet
  • Denis de Rougemont -Swiss Writer

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Campus life

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

Students can freely move from one place to another because of the public and private transportation modes available here. One can also rent vehicles as per need. 

  • Bike: The students here can take advantage of the special offer from Donkey Republic -the bike hire services. All major railway stations around offer access to bike parking. 
  • public Transport: There are several ticketing options for buses and trains operating around the University of Neuchâtel -including the Onde Verte, covering the entire Canton. 
  • Trains: The CFF or Swiss Rail Service offers multiple travel cards for students -like the Demi-tarif and the Voie 7.

Services offered by the university

  • The library is a cozy place to study peacefully and has a really good collection of reading material.
  • The medical, healthcare, and well-being facilities are always ready to help out in an emergency.
  • There is a student services center that is a must-go-to place for students regarding any issue. They are always prepared to help students the best they can.

Student life

Student life at the University of Neuchâtel is an experience to cherish. 

  • Campus Life – many activities take place mostly within the universe itself. All students are encouraged to interact and participate within the student community, various activities, sports and games, arts and culture, and more. 
  • Student Life – The student community interacts locally and within the student environment itself. Although there is some moderate nightlife both within the university campus and out of it, there is so much activity already to be involved in that students hardly will get any time to fit into any kind of nightlife. 
  • Sports Activities – there are many sports activities, and students can participate in many sports that can be practiced at the University of Neuchâtel both in winter and summer alike. From skiing to golf to sailing, there are more than 50 different sports and games to be involved in, apart from the gym.

On campus accomodation

Since the University of Neuchâtel is situated in the heart of the city, it has no on-campus accommodation. However, the student accommodation cell, and the student community, maintain a register of accommodations available near and around the university. The three types of accommodation available are:

  • Residences where the students can take up a single residence to live in.
  • Homestay arrangements are where students do certain chores instead of paying any rent, and they are allowed accommodation by the homeowner.
  • Shared apartments are shared by a few students, as the name suggests.

All types of accommodation have the necessary amenities to carry on daily life. The average cost of accommodation at the university will range from CHF 450 (INR 36,131) to CHF 800 (INR 64,233)

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