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How did 2017 look like for Masters' Aspirants?

Yocket Editorial Team

Greetings of the season from Team Yocket! With Trump stepping in as the president of US, last year has been quite an eventful year for all the study abroad aspirants. For Yocket too, it's been an action-packed year. We are now a community of 167,000+ aspirants from over 7700 undergrad colleges across 2000+cities and 91 different nationalities. Together the community contributed to over 52,000 questions, 2 Lakh answers and tons of admit/rejects updates to help you take the most informed decisions at all times.

We are pleased to share some insights from the past year with you.

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Top Contributors:

  1. Shirish (2000+ answers)
  2. Master (1500+ answers)
  3. Nikhil (1000+ answers)
  4. Kishan (1000+ answers)
  5. Ketav (1000+ answers)

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Top Profiles on Yocket:

  • Prasant Budania (Spring 2017 ECE student @ CMU | GRE: 334)
  • Ridima Ramesh (Fall 2017 Entertainment Technology student @ CMU | GRE: 334)
  • Deepam Gupta (Fall 2018 aspirant from IIT Kanpur | GRE: 334)
  • S Gowtham (Fall 2018 aspirant from NIT Trichy | GRE: 335)
  • Mahendra Maiti (Fall 2018 aspirant from NIT Durgapur | GRE: 332)

Yocket Meetups 2017:

We continued our yearly ritual of visiting major cities and meeting with the aspirants in person during October 2017. Yocket Meetups 2017 were on a much larger scale than 2016 and they turned out to be a grand success, again thanks to you!

Some stats:

  • Conducted across 8 cities: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bhopal.
  • 1400+ aspirants and their parents attended these sessions.
  • Exhaustive workshops and discussions with over 20 panelists
  • On spot university applications, loan applications, SOP evaluations and free Forex Cards were provided to the attendees.

Virtual Fair!

We introduced a first of its kind EducationUSA - Yocket Graduate Virtual University Fair in August. It helped 2700+ students from 31 countries to interact with representatives from 51 US university officials over two days. What's more, there were live sessions by Visa Officer to guide on the visa process.

Other Events:

Along with our partners, we facilitated over 300+ study abroad related events (seminars, workshops, one-to-one sessions, free counselling, demo lectures etc.) in 20 cities. We also hosted 52 webinars, that's an average of one webinar a week.

Yocket Services:

We catered to thousands of happy customers and set records for following:

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