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GMAT Score Report: What are the Types of GMAT Score Report?

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A common requirement for enrolment in graduate business programs like MBA is the GMAT Test. It is a multiple-choice, computer-based, and computer-adaptive exam that tests administered by the GMAC. To offer business schools standardized measures to evaluate applicants' readiness for graduate-level academic work, the test maker GMAC created and administers the GMAT.

In this blog, we will look at what is GMAT online score report, how to download GMAT online score report and everything related to it.

Table of Contents
  1. What is GMAT Score Report?
  2. How to Download GMAT Score Report?

What is GMAT Score Report?

A high GMAT score is a sign of a student’s potential to handle a rigorous MBA or any business curriculum.  The GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800, with 800 being the top result that can be achieved. A decent GMAT score is often between 700 and 740.

The score chart for different sections is as follows:

GMAT Sections

Scoring Scale

Verbal Reasoning

6-51 score scale, with 1 point increment

Quantitative Reasoning

1-8, with 1 point increment

Integrated Reasoning

1-8, with 1 point increment

Analytical Writing

0-6 score scale, with 0.5 increments

How to Improve GMAT Scores?

Now after we know the score range of different sections of the GMAT exam let’s look at the various kinds of GMAT score reports. There are 3 types of GMAT score reports that are provided by the GMAC:

1.  Unofficial GMAT Score Report

You receive your unofficial scores after submitting the last question. There are four scores displayed on the screen, a two-minute timer is ticking down, and you must choose whether to retain or revoke your score. You receive the majority of your initial GMAT score report as away once your test is over. There is no additional fee or cost required to obtain the unofficial GMAT score report.

How to score 700+ on the GMAT?

2.  GMAT Official Score Report

You must choose up to five graduate business schools while applying for the GMAT for them to get your Official Score Reports. Only upon special requisition do take the test or ask for an additional score report—are official score reports with your digital portrait and copy of your article made accessible. On the exam day after your Score Prediction, or for a charge, within 72 hrs of the designated time, you can withdraw your results. You can delete your scores and then recover them up to 4 years plus eleven months after the exam date. There is no additional fee or cost required to obtain the official GMAT score report.

3.  GMAT Enhanced Score Report

You can get the GMAT Enhanced Score Report if you want a more thorough review for an additional cost of $25 or Rs. 1975. You can see your division of scores per section, percentage distribution, and time invested in each question format in this GMAT detailed score report document.

GMAT to GRE Score Conversion

How to Download GMAT Score Report?

By logging into ‘My Account’ on the MBA website, you can view, download, or print your Official Score Report. Your unofficial score report is provided to you after completing your exam itself and the official score report is sent around 16-20 days period after the exam. When your results are transferrable, Pearson VUE will notify you via email.

You have the freedom to take the test whenever you're ready and send your GMAT score to colleges because your official score is good for five years. Your Official Score Report contains the following in addition to your GMAT scores:

  • Digital picture acquired at the testing location.
  • Background data provided voluntarily, including contact details, undergrad school, GPA, and desired graduate program.
  • percentage position among the rest of the test takers.

But for how long is your GMAT test score report valid? Let’s find out!

GMAT Score Chart

What is GMAT Score Validity?

The GMAT result validity is five years, and a maximum of ten years can pass before it can no longer be reported. This is because GMAC assumes that your reasoning skills won't dramatically decrease over five years, thus it uses that time frame as the GMAT validity year. The GMAT periodically changes itself to be updated with the latest standards of graduate schools.

So this was all about GMAT score report. Along with gathering information about the different types of score reports you must also know how to calculate GMAT scores, for a better understanding of the same. For further guidance and assistance, get in touch with our counselors at Yocket now!

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