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Tips to Improve GMAT Scores: Know How to Improve GMAT Scores in 2024?

Sumeet Jain

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a widely taken test globally. Trusted by business schools and organisations alike, the GMAT score is pretty helpful in securing a good job or seat in one of the top B-Schools in the world.

Any score over 650 is considered a good score. However, the test is pretty difficult and takers often have to take the test several times to improve GMAT score. The GMAT examination has four differently timed and graded sections. To get a good GMAT score, you need to score well in all four sections. But the true solution to improve GMAT score can be found only after analysing every aspect closely. Let us take a close look at how to improve GMAT verbal, along with the best way to improve GMAT score, in this blog!

  Table of Contents

  1. Overview of GMAT Scores
  2. The Best Way to Improve GMAT Score
  3. Tips to Improve GMAT Score Section Wise
  4. Efficient Study Plan to Improve GMAT score

Overview of GMAT Scores

Before learning how to improve verbal score in GMAT, it is extremely important to know how much marks weightage each section carries. Only then will you be able to divide the time for preparation in each section, and then work towards getting your dream score real.

Have a look at the table here for detailed information on how much marks each section carries in the GMAT examination:


Number of Questions

Maximum Marks

Analytical Writing



Integrated Reasoning



Quantitative Reasoning



Verbal Reasoning



Total Marks in the GMAT



As we can see, there is no perfect calculation of how many marks each question gets you. Remember: your test is evaluated by not only how many questions you answer, but how many easy, moderate, and difficult ones you answer. Scoring anywhere above 760 will put you in a 99% percentile. This is usually the score that the top 5 business schools accept.

However, any score above 650 (76% percentile) is also considered good and people who get anything above this should be rejoicing. But the question still remains: How to get the best GMAT scores? Let us take you through it.

How to Prepare for GMAT: Best GMAT Study Plan for GMAT Exam Preparation

The Best Way to Improve GMAT Score

While the tricks are very subjective and might not help everyone, we do have a generalised list that will most likely boost your preparation and give you the best way to improve GMAT score

  1. Understand your weaknesses before you practice hundreds of tests; lest you keep practicing on your strengths or the wrong methods.
  2. For how to improve verbal score in GMAT, focus greatly on your RCs. Involve completely in it and read as if it’s the best text ever written, understanding each sentence. Take up to five minutes in this and do not rush this one in.
  3. Practice topic wise and filter those out where you score below your expectations.
  4. Practice at least two mock tests twice a week and analyse where you went wrong.
  5. Practice analytical writing with authentic and real prompts from credible sites and books.
  6. Read everyday for six months to improve your general grammar.
  7. Choose a study plan that is suited closely to you, nothing generalised.

With these tips, you should have a better idea on how to govern your time to get the best GMAT score. Let us now go through tips to improve GMAT scores section wise.

How to Calculate GMAT Scores? 

Tips to Improve GMAT Score Section Wise

Each section in the GMAT is pretty unique. You must not expect to practice for one and hope to score good in the entire paper just by the one section. Remember; most students have issues in scoring in the quants and verbal section. In fact, how to improve GMAT verbal is one of the most asked questions online.

  • Analytical Writing
  1. Practice on real GMAT level topics
  2. Don’t just practice, analyse mistakes and errors
  3. Read past GMAT AWA essays which scored above 5
  4. Learn about what makes up for a 6-point score
  5. Solidify basics like modifiers, sentence structures, punctuation, etc.
  • Integrated Reasoning
  1. Learn how to interpret data charts and graphs way before your test date
  2. Take it slow but be constant
  3. Improve your RC of the verbal section to tackle this
  4. Improve your basic math and statistics to tackle this
  5. Don’t take it very lightly, but don’t exhaust yourself over this either.

We now move on to the main sections, ones that comprise your score out of 800 in the GMAT Examination.

  • Verbal Reasoning
  1. Read in abundance
  2. Improve your reading and interpretation speed
  3. Take mock tests and analyse your mistakes
  4. Read books of good authors with high level grammar
  1. Review mathematical concepts well before time and in abundance
  2. Practice questions and analyse mistakes
  3. Try out all types of questions
  4. Focus more on weak sections
  5. Time your practice tests and see how you can improve

How to Score 700+ in GMAT?

These tips have been worked out and found useful by countless GMAT aspirants. If you’re looking forward to increasing GMAT scores, you could seek out help from the community by asking them directly, too. This will help you communicate with people who have experienced the GMAT.

How to Prepare for GMAT Verbal? 

Efficient Study Plan to Improve GMAT score

Everybody needs an efficient study plan to improve their GMAT scores. If you’re looking forward to the same, it is very important to devise a study plan by yourself, the one that suits you, and abide by it with utmost strictness.

You should start 12 months before the test date. Allocate adequate time to each section, but don’t forget frequent mock testing and revisions in between. Make flowcharts. You should first solidify your concepts, polish your understanding, then test, then analyse your weaknesses, and repeat all over again to get the best GMAT scores.

What is a Good GMAT Score? 

If you need professional help devising your schedule, or you wish to talk and discuss about how to increase your GMAT score, you should book a free consultation call with the world’s leading educational experts. Gain more clarity on your aspirations and leave no gap to regret later by acting before time.

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