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Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Chennai Consulate | University of Illinois at Chicago | Management Information System- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Illinois at Chicago
Course: MS in Management Information System

Chennai Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Approved
Counter No: 28

Visa Interview Experience:

VO was a lady in her fifties. All the reactions of different people can be witnessed very easily. I was confident as I already hold an existing B1 but nervousness started peeping out from nowhere when I was the next one in my queue.

ME: Good afternoon officer
VO: Good afternoon. Pass me your I20 and passport

VO: Why UIC?
Course work fits my requirements and matches.. (VO stopped me)

VO: List out the courses you are planning to take this fall.
(Didn't expect this question at this speed)
ME: Date base management system, Sql, R language, machine learning (listed out randomly)

VO: Was there a requirement of GRE for this university?

VO: What was your score?

VO: Did you receive any other admits?
Yes ma’am total of five.

VO: Wow. Which ones? (she was little bit amazed)
University of Buffalo, Syracuse, Rutgers, Georgia State University and university of Illinois Chicago

VO: How are you funding your education
I have a bank loan sanctioned for 35 lacs and my father is sponsoring me the rest.

VO: Your visa is approved
Thank you so much ma’am.

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