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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Chennai Consulate | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee | Engineering)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Course: MS in Engineering

First Attempt
Chennai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 29

Visa Interview Experience:

CGPA: 8.45/10 (MG University)
GRE: 307, AWA 4.0
IELTS: 8.5

A Lady with a very Pleasant Smile.
Reached the consulate at 7:15 AM. Was let in into the Consulate at 7:45 AM. Was out of the Consulate by 8:30 AM.
Interview went on for 3-5 minutes. Don't know exactly.

VO: Good Morning
Good Morning Maám, How are you today?
Passed the Passport, I-20 and SEVIS Fee when she said Passport.

VO: Thank you. Which University?
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

VO: Which Course and Why?
MS in Engineering. In this course we are able to combine courses from different specializations into a single one. All my other admits offer a single specialization.
(Was reading my I-20 and typing in something..).

VO: Have you applied anywhere else?
Yes Ma'am.

VO: Where else did you apply
University Bridgeport, NYIT, NJIT, ASU, Oregon State University, ....Stopped me (was going to say UAB, University of Idaho, University of Houston).

VO: How many accepts?
Six, Ma'am.

VO: What was your Top 2 university choices?
UWM and NJIT (don't know why I said NJIT but it just came out).

VO: Why is NJIT your second choice?
Ma'am it's a good college so. But I really wanted UWM.

VO: What was your GRE score?
307 Ma'am.

VO: What will you be doing after your Master's degree?
Indian companies are looking at candidates who have a broad exposure to different technical areas. Moreover seeing my performance in the internship, a company near my home has offered me job, I dont have a letter though.

VO: Which company?
XY Technologies.

VO: You completed your course in 2016.What were you doing since then?
Ma'am, i was actually confused about going for a job or going for studies immediately. I analyzed my options and then prepared for my GRE, IELTS and took time for application procedure.

VO: How will you be funding the course?
I have taken a loan of 30 lakhs from IDBI Bank. Also my parents have a fixed assets of XX lakhs.

VO: Where does your father work?
He works as the General Manager in XYZ company.

VO: What does the company do?
It is a holiday home venture.

VO: Is that connected to hospitality?
Yes, Ma'am.

VO: And what does your mother do?
She is a housewife Ma’am.

VO: So how much portion is your family funding?
About half Ma'am.

VO: That's not accurate. Be very Frank, don't lie to me (jokingly, she was smiling)
46.2% Ma'am.

VO: 46.2% That's very accurate. How did you know?
It says so in my Sanction letter Ma'am.

VO: What was the collateral for the loan?
Our Apartment Ma'am.

VO: What is the ROI?
10.1% Ma’am.

And then finally,

VO: Congratulations your Visa has been approved
Thank you Ma’am.

VO: Have a Good day.
(Wanted to say Good day to you too Ma’am but all that came out was) Thank you Ma’am.
Thank you Ma’am.
Walked out of the Consulate into the Street with Songs of Joy filling my heart.
Didn't see VO typing anything during the last 2 minutes, maybe that was just a casual talk

Wore a Black Jeans and Baby Pink Shirt with brown formal shoes to the Interview with an analog steel strapped watch. The shirt was not tucked in. (For those who are wondering on what to wear, just be in your natural outfit, the one you are most comfortable with. Please do dress modestly though)Wear formal or casual shoes instead of slippers and sandals)

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