Dipesh Giri

a month ago

Profile evaluation

Hi I need help with my profile evaluation.
I am BSc. Agriculture graduate with 3.61 GPA
Gre 318 (164Q, 154V, 4AWA)
Toefl (29R, 28L, 22S, 24W)
about one year of work experience as an agriculture intern and as a facilitator at a firm
Me and my colleagues have submitted 4 articles in peer reviewed journals. What are the best universities I can go for?

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Dipesh you can apply to food science for the following - Ambitious 1. UW Madison 2. Purdue 3. TAMU 4. UIUC Target 1. Ohio State 2. Uni of Arizona 3. Iowa state 4. Uni of tennesse Safe 1. NCSU 2. Washington state 3. Auburn 4. Oklahoma state or use this tool to get a comprehensive list of colleges for Your profile Based on difficulty of admits on the lines ... See more