Number Four

a month ago

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Planning ms in US. Data science/business analytics/data analytics. Planned intake: spring Major: electrical and Electronics Minor: finance Cgpa: 8.13 Ielts: 8 (8.5-L. 8.5-R, 8-W, 7-S) Gre : 321 (unofficial 153-V, 168Q) Intern : 5 months Full time: 12 months and still working #applicationprocess

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Tilak Heble Mentor_tag

23 days ago

Hey, Number Four! You have a good CGPA with Required GRE and IELTS score. Also Internship and Work experience. But you have changing your stream from Electrical and electronic to Business Analytics. Do check Universities pre requisite or requirements of course before applying since they may need certain subject with credits from your bachelor. Like For data Science, they may ask for Cs and ... See more