Anirudh Selvam

3 months ago

PhD in the US for Spring 2023.

I did my undergraduate at an Anna University affiliated college with a CGPA of 8.57. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester. I will be completing my masters this September and want to pursue my PhD in the US during the Winter/Spring intake. I will be applying to some universities by August. Is it worth applying for PhD for Spring intake or should I wait for Fall 2023? I have a GRE score of 316 and will get an excemption from language tests.


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Zeal Zeal

3 months ago

I don't think fall and spring make a difference for PhD. For Masters it's linked to OPT etc hence it's better to go for fall. You will have to give English proficiency test, there's no waiver due to GRE, but due to study in UK (but it's one year only) just check out if it can be waived. See more

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