Student VISA

Spring 2018 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Chennai Consulate | Stevens Institute of Technology | Software Engineering - Rejected)

Sumeet Jain

Profile Details:

University: Stevens Institute of Technology
Course: MS in Software Engineering

First Attempt
Chennai Consulate
Date: December 2017
Status: Rejected

Visa Interview Experience:

VO: Good morning! Pass me your passport and I-20 please.
ME: Passed the passport and I-20.

VO: Which University?
Stevens Institute of Technology.

VO: What are you going to study?
MS in Software Engineering.

VO: How many Universities did you apply to?
I applied to 6 Universities. Had 4 admits and 2 rejects.

VO: What are the universities?
Stevens, UTA, Wayne state, SUNY Binghamton, IITC, U of Nebraska at Omaha.

VO: Why this University?
Stevens is highly ranked in Software Engineering as it’s ranked 15th in the US; And Stevens Software Engineering students get to learn about advanced concepts in Database optimisation and Visualization which matches with my area of interest.

VO: What is your area of interest?
Data Enigneering.

VO: Unfortunately, the laws are very strict and you are not eligible for a visa at this time. Sorry sir.

No GRE asked. No Academics asked. No Finances asked

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