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Shortlisting universities for Global Studies – the science behind it ..

Biruda Virkud
Shortlisting universities for Global Studies – the science behind it .. Image

While aspiring for that dream admit, did you wonder about how to rummage through the maze of universities, which university is best for you, will you really make it there given your current profile, so on and so forth

If these and many more such questions bog you down, its but natural to get anxious when all you want is the best and perfect fit university for yourself.

So then does one size fits all approach apply here, not really, Its best to use a methodical and rather scientific approach . No matter what your uncles, aunts, peers, friend advice you , you have to go by your own priorities.

Here are some factors  to help you choose the right universities:

  • Subject
  • Location /Country
  • Duration
  • Cost
  • Ranking

Each one of us has their own order of preference among these. The cost varies with the duration of the course you are applying for.

COST will also depend on an important aspect, which whether the university you are applying for is a public or a private university.

In different countries whether an university is public or private can carry different implications for not just the cost but the brand value or the reputation and overall perception it hold from the society point of view. In India for example getting into a private university is considered less prestigious as most of them are expensive so assuming its only the rich man’s cup of tea whereas to get into a public university is considered good since the seats are bagged through entrance exams.

Moreover, private universities are considered bad as they are not so competitive to get in.

The perception in the western countries is the exactly the opposite. Most top universities in USA or other countries like the Harvard, Oxford are all private and are very competitive to get in and worth the cost incurred while studying in them. These are generally funded by other companies or sponsors. The public universities or the state universities as they are referred to in USA are the govt funded ones , these are much cheaper and attract a lot of international students and thus the competition to get into them is higher for the lesser seats that may have.