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How Difficult is GMAT to Crack? Is GMAT Tough?

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Are you worried about cracking the GMAT? We're here to help you understand everything about the exam's difficulty level. From quant and verbal sections to AWA, unraveling myths on "Is GMAT tough" through tips and facts. Analyzing key areas of the test format to ace your prep and score big. A complete guide covering all you need to know, from test specifications and good scores to expert strategies for attempting questions. 

Read on as we dive deep and empower you to craft that winning test approach. Stay tuned as we round up GMAT prep recommendations from Yocket Premium to further boost your readiness to conquer this test!

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Overview of GMAT Exam and Difficulty

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is a standardised entrance test for admission to business management at various universities abroad. It is a management test whose scores are widely accepted by over 114 countries in more than 7,100 programs across the world. 

Well, if you are wondering, is the GMAT difficult to score? The answer is quite tricky to say, as the GMAT is not so difficult but a bit challenging. You might need a lot of GMAT preparation to score good marks at the top business schools. Out of the total test-takers, only 6% can score 720 or more marks in the test to get into the top B-Schools

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How Tough is the GMAT Exam?

The GMAT exam is taken by more than two lakh students every year. The average GMAT score among all the aspirants attempting the test is around 565. Out of the total aspirants, only 27% score over 650, and only 12% of them can make it to the 700 mark. Thus, from the above information, we can say how hard the GMAT is to score. 

Most of the questions in the test require you to have higher-order reasoning skills, which are essential in business and the increasingly competitive business environment around the world. Make sure to prepare for the exam with the proper dedication and strategy to secure high GMAT scores

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How Hard is GMAT Comparison to Other Exams?

How difficult is the GMAT compared to other standardized tests like SAT, GRE, etc.? Every aspirant has this most common question while preparing for the exam. Although the difficulty level of an exam depends on its various factors, here we have compared the GMAT test with multiple tests in terms of its syllabus.


The types of questions asked in the GMAT are more logic-oriented, whereas the SAT is primarily calculation-based. The GMAT paper has a more complex structure than the SAT. The GMAT contains many trickier questions that check the student's critical thinking skills, whereas the SAT is more straightforward.

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IELTS is perceived to be easier if you are an English aspirant, but it doesn't assure you to will ace the test. Dedicated practice and preparation are required to qualify for the IELTS test. Regarding the GMAT vs. IELTS, the GMAT is comparatively difficult as it requires good logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.


If we talk about the comparison between TOEFL and the GMAT, the GMAT is considered much more challenging as it has difficult questions about vocabulary and reading passages. The mathematics part of the GMAT is also critical compared to other exams.


The GMAT and GRE are pretty similar in their syllabus. However, the GMAT test comes with an extra integrated reasoning section, whereas the GRE has no such section.

The quantitative reasoning questions asked in the GMAT are more complicated than the GRE test for most applicants. The GMAT has more challenging and tricky questions in comparison to the GRE test. If you are an aspirant with more expertise in solving logical questions, then the GMAT test suits you the most. It is because the GRE paper contains a lot of geometrical questions.

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What makes the GMAT hard?

GMAT is a computer-based, standardized test conducted in two modes.

Although it allows you to attempt the test at home, most students find it difficult. Here we have listed some of the components of the GMAT test that make it difficult for aspirants:


Are you wondering how difficult the GMAT is in terms of its contents? Well, the content asked in the GMAT test is primarily based on the high school and undergraduate syllabus, i.e., algebra, basic geometry, number properties, and statistics of quantitative sections. While the verbal section includes basic grammar, inferences, reading comprehension, etc.

Though the syllabus seems easier, the type of questions framed from these are difficult to solve. The GMAT test questions always mislead or trick you into focusing on the wrong things. And this may cost you a lot of valuable time and points in the test.

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The GMAT test papers consist of four different sections, i.e., quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing assessment. Each of the sections may feature different types of questions requiring different levels of skills and abilities to solve. Thus, on your test day, you must be fully prepared to attempt all sections correctly.

Computer Adaptive

Since the GMAT is computer-adaptive, it may increase its difficulty to score better. If you have answered any questions correctly, no one knows about the next question, as sometimes the next question looks similar but has a higher difficulty level or vice versa. 

This shows that your GMAT score is based on the number of questions you have answered correctly and their difficulty level. The more difficult questions answered correctly, the higher the score you get.

Another demerit of computer-adaptive is that you cannot get back to the previous questions once you have responded to any question. It will remain the same even if you accidentally mark the wrong answer. 

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Timing is also another aspect that makes the GMAT test hard. Adding time pressure to the standardized test gives an idea of how difficult the GMAT is. Firstly, the GMAT test is only 3 hours long, but you have to sit for up to 4 hours in the test centres. The extra time includes break time, sign-in, and receiving the unofficial score report. 

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So these are some of the components of the GMAT test that make it hard to solve. Make sure you have a well-planned schedule to prepare for the GMAT test. Consistency is somewhat more important than intensity during your preparation for the GMAT exam. Whether you are a student or a working professional, if you think that the GMAT is difficult, you can achieve the best results with dedicated practice regularly. However, you can connect with our Yocket professionals if you are still finding it difficult. They will assist you in your preparation.

From the Desk of Yocket

The GMAT poses a substantial challenge, demanding a strategic approach and comprehensive preparation. Its unique computer-adaptive format, combined with intricate question structures, requires candidates to hone their critical thinking skills. While the content aligns with high school and undergraduate syllabi, the test's ability to mislead and introduce time pressure adds layers of difficulty. Recognizing these aspects and devising a well-planned study schedule marked by consistency is key to navigating the intricacies of the GMAT successfully. Aspirants should leverage resources and seek guidance to tackle this challenging yet pivotal step toward securing admission to top business schools abroad.

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