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Best App For IELTS Preparation: A List Of IELTS Prep App

Rohan Deshmukh

International students who are unable to afford high tuition fees to study for the IELTS exam, somehow feel stuck when it comes to cracking the exam on their first attempt, and it also makes them overwhelmed sometimes thinking about where to start and what to study when they are doing it all by themselves. But as long as students have patience and willingness to learn, it's not a big deal to handle this exam.

And to help such dedicated students, using the IELTS app is a great option available when it comes to preparing for the IELTS test. Students can have a better understanding of the materials of this exam by using the IELTS Prep App. Additionally, test-takers can prepare at home at their own convenient time with the help of the IELTS app and simplifying their approach to the exam. It is also a convenient approach for most students these days as doing preparation on their own with the online app provides them the freedom of having more time to manage their timetable for each day, cutting down the time to travel to attend tuition classes, they can have those classes online and attend live meetings with their mentors just by sitting at home, which helps them save their time and helps them create better management for their exam.

Thus, in this blog, we at Yocket provide you with a list of the best app for IELTS preparation free and paid ones and also provide insights to decide which app is best for IELTS preparation for candidates. So, let's have a look.

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How IELTS App Can Help In Candidates In Studies?

For those who are appearing for the IELTS test, the IELTS App can make their studies more effective in their self-preparatory approach.

Here are a few benefits that a student can avail by using IELTS test app:

  • Apps can help by providing them with detailed information about the materials covered in the IELTS exam.
  • IELTS preparation App provide test-takers with the test to practice their preparation which is usually based on the IELTS exam pattern that can help candidates to score good band scores. 
  • Candidates can select the best free app for IELTS preparation and paid ones, according to their considerations.

The applications that are accessible for students to choose from are numerous. By giving students access to all excellent applications, they have the opportunity to practice while remaining at home throughout their period. Here, we'll go over all the useful apps.

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Best App For IELTS Preparation

As we have said, IELTS Preparation App can help international students to increase their understanding of the patterns and material. Following is a list of several excellent IELTS app that one can utilize. 

1. IELTS Prep App:

IELTS Prep App, created by the British Council, is one of the most well-liked apps for IELTS exam preparation. This App provides high-quality material for learning all components of IELTS, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing tests.

Moreover, this app may help students to enhance their vocabulary, grammar practice, and understanding of what to do on test day. Students can test their knowledge by doing grammar exercises, practicing Listening and Speaking tests, and can watch IELTS interview videos. Students can download this app for free to get a better experience for IELTS preparation.

Below are a few perks of using this app for IELTS:

  • Students can get a clear example of questions associated with IELTS speaking and listening tests.
  • Students can give tests for free to practice their learning for IELTS speaking and listening sections.
  • This app consists of exercises that provide basic grammar rules and are suitable for IELTS speaking practice applications.
  • Test-takers can go through examples of IELTS speaking interview videos
  • This app also consists of IELTS preparation tips
  • Students can get an overview and understanding of the IELTS band scores
  • This app is available for free to use on both android and IOS.

2. IELTS Test Pro:

IELTS Test Pro is another best IELTS app that a student can consider using. This app provides access to free tests to practice, flashcards, and detailed analytics to score reports. Moreover, this app can keep track of your performance during one IELTS preparation and provide insights into the test's strengths and weaknesses.

Here is a list of valuable perks:

  • The IELTS Test Pro app provides more than 3000 questions prepared by experts.
  • This app provides test takes with statistics of every query.
  • Students can also use it in offline mode.
  • Test-takers can get a daily review calendar of their progress while preparing for the IELTS exam.

3. IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards:

The IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards app assists students by providing them with the 600 most important vocabulary words with their flashcards, full definition, example sentences, and more. This app also covers the most important keywords which are used in online IELTS coaching. Moreover, this app is available offline too, students can learn IELTS words without an internet connection.

4. IELTS Word Power:

IELTS Word Power makes learning simple and enjoyable to prepare effectively for the IELTS exam. This application provides the necessary tools to crack the exam which makes it best specifically as an IELTS speaking app. Also, their courses are expert-designed which will help test-takers with enhancing their vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to get above 7 band score.

IELTS Grammar Syllabus

Moreover, this app is specifically designed based on scientific algorithms which can assist students to understand not only IELTS preparation but also the English language.

5. IELTS Exam Preparation by Magoosh:

With Magoosh, students can study about 600 most important vocabulary terms for the IELTS English language test with its free and user-friendly flashcards.

Moreover, the good thing about this application's features is that students can use cot-free flashcards. Also, with the help of this app, students can complete IELTS preparation. They can also get access to more than 125 video lessons that are created by experts and can get updated tools for learning, study aids, and more.

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Overall, these above are the top 5 best IELTS preparation app that can help any international student make their learning easy. However, it also depends on one's consistency of learning which makes the preparation stronger to crack the IELTS exam. 

Additionally, the online prep apps can be a perfect fit for such international students who are looking to prepare for IELTS in flexible timing so that they can have less hustle with their routines. Hence, for international students who are planning about which best college they can choose after cracking the IELTS exam, then we at Yocket are here to provide full assistance to such candidates, we can also help students find the right college for them to send their IELTS scores to the top suitable colleges or universities. And, if any student is wondering which would be the best college for them based on their IELTS marks then they can have a conversation with Yocket counsellors to get full information.

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