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GMAT Score for MBA in Canada: Top 10 MBA Colleges in Canada with GMAT Score Requirements & More

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GMAT Score for MBA in Canada: Top 10 MBA Colleges in Canada with GMAT Score Requirements & More Image

With its top-tier education system and robust economy, Canada promises to offer a unique MBA experience with boundless future opportunities to students. As students it is quite obvious that you will aim to get into the top MBA colleges which is why it is important to have a competitive GMAT score for MBA in Canada. GMAT is a measure of your ability to adapt, learn and implement in complex situations which also helps the admission’s committee to assess your potential to succeed in the MBA program. 

GMAT scores are also important because it brings you on a common ground with other candidates for comparison and selection. So, let us find out more about the role of GMAT in the admission process, GMAT requirements Canada for the top MBA universities in Canada.

  Table of Contents:

  1. What Factors Affect the Average GMAT Requirements Canada?
  2. GMAT Requirements for Top 10 MBA Universities in Canada 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT Score for MBA in Canada

What Factors Affect the Average GMAT Requirements Canada?

GMAT Canada is a key element for admission to MBA programs. GMAT is a 3.5 hour computer-based exam divided into 4 sections - analytical writing assessment, quantitative reasoning, verbal ability and integrated reasoning section. You must secure a minimum score in GMAT for MBA in Canada which is 550. However, some business schools in Canada also accept GMAT scores as low as 500 and others ask for a score way over 600. 

Below you will find certain factors affecting the average GMAT score Canada requirements:

  • The average GMAT requirements for a university or business school is determined on the basis of the pool of applications received.
  • Scoring above the average GMAT requirements will definitely put you above several other candidates.
  • The minimum GMAT score for MBA in Canada does not guarantee admission to renowned institutions.
  • The maximum and minimum scores in a pool of candidates can widely vary which is why some institutions have higher GMAT requirements than the others.
  • You cannot expect to get shortlisted only with a perfect GMAT score. MBA is a rigorous program which is why institutions look for well-rounded applicants who are ambitious and possess qualities that will help them succeed.
  • A higher GMAT score can help you cover up deficiencies in other areas such as academics or work experience.
  • You can take the GMAT more than once. It will not impact your application negatively as most institutions look at your best score.

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GMAT Requirements for Top 10 MBA Universities in Canada

Providing a minimum GMAT score is one of the main requirements for getting admission into the top MBA colleges in Canada. Apart from GMAT, top business schools also have certain other additional admission requirements for admission. These requirements include a high undergraduate GPA, minimum work experience, minimum IELTS score, professional recommendations and face to face or online interviews.  Make sure you visit the official website of these universities to find out the exact requirements for the MBA program you wish to apply for.

Let us now take a look at the the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT score requirements and other essential information:


QS Global MBA Rankings 2022

Total Program Tuition Fee

Average GMAT Score 

University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management)


131,120 CAD


Queen’s University (Smith School of Business)


102,100 CAD


Western University (Ivey Business School)


120,500 CAD


McGill University (Desautels Faculty of Management) 


122,195 CAD


York University (Schulich School of Business)


106,900 CAD


University of British Columbia (Saunders School of Business)


90,057 CAD


University of Alberta (Alberta School of Business)


60,000 CAD


Concordia University (John Molson School of Business)


87,000 CAD


HEC Montreal


59,000 CAD


Dalhousie University (Rowe School of Business)


82,205 CAD


It must be noted that the top GMAT accepting colleges in Canada listed above have higher average GMAT score requirements than many other institutions. While their GMAT requirements are higher, other requirements are lower and more or less similar to other institutions. Since these are some of the top MBA colleges in Canada and receive bulk of applications, they have a more competitive admission process and hence higher average scores.

Apart from these universities, there are many other top universities that require students to submit a lower GMAT score in comparison to the universities listed above. Let us take a look at these institutions below:

Top universities that accept GMAT score of 550  include:

Universities in Canada also accept a minimum GMAT score of 500 are:

An important thing to remember is that a lower GMAT cut-off may attract a large number of applicants. Therefore it is important that you make your overall profile strong in order to stand out in the competition.

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Cutting through the competition to get into one of the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT score is not a cakewalk. GMAT scores are very crucial from the admissions perspective and institutions assess the credibility of your application based on your scores. But the good news is that institutions also understand that GMAT solely is not sufficient to judge an individual’s abilities. 

In fact, only having a perfect GMAT score will not guarantee admission to any top business school in Canada in the bigger picture. For a well-rounded application, you are expected to have a good academic profile, work experience and demonstrate leadership, motivation, determination, communication skills and presence.

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT Score for MBA in Canada

  1. Is GMAT score required for an MBA in Canada?

Ans. Yes, most business schools in Canada require or at least prefer students to submit a minimum GMAT score for admission into MBA programs.

  1. Which GMAT colleges in Canada require the highest average scores for admission?

Ans. Colleges that require the highest GMAT score for MBA in Canada are: 

  • Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto 
  • Smith School of Business - Queen's University
  • Ivey Business School - Western University
  • Desautels Faculty of Management- McGill University
  • Schulich School of Business - York University 
  1. What is the minimum GMAT score for MBA in Canada?

Ans. The minimum score requirement of GMAT for MBA in Canada is 550.

  1. Do GMAT colleges in Canada accept GRE scores?

Ans. Yes, some GMAT colleges in Canada also accept equivalent GRE scores to fulfill the requirements. However, it is advisable that if you have the choice then appear for GMAT instead of GRE as it is the most widely accepted standardized exam for admission to business schools in Canada.

  1. Will I be considered for admission if I do not meet the GMAT Canada requirements?

Ans. Yes, you are encouraged to apply for admission even if you do not meet the GMAT Canada requirements. Admission is based on a holistic review of the application and each factor is taken into consideration before making an admission decision. So if you are lacking in one area and strong in the other, you still have good chances of being admitted.

  1. Is it possible to seek admission to MBA in Canada without GMAT scores?

Ans. Yes, there are some MBA colleges such as Wilfrid Laurier University, University of New Brunswick, University of Calgary, University of Northern British Columbia, University Laval, among others that provide admission without GMAT scores. To apply without GMAT scores, you will need excellent academic records, professional work experience and skills that prove you are the right fit for the program. However, if you wish to get into one of the top business schools, you will need a competitive GMAT score.

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