Student VISA

Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | University of Cincinnati | Computer Science- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Cincinnati
Course: MS in Computer Science

Hyderabad Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Approved
Counter No: 31

Visa Interview Experience:

My passport and I-20 were handed over to VO by volunteers.

VO: Please come forward.
Hello sir, Good morning!

VO: Good morning. How are you
I am great sir. How are you?

VO: I am good. When were you passed out?
2017 sir.

VO: What were you doing since then?
Sir I learnt few courses which will be helpful in my masters and I wrote GRE and Ielts and applied to Universities simultaneously.

VO: What are your GRE and Ielts score?
304 in GRE and 7 in Ielts.

VO: What is your undergrad gpa?
Sir its 7.2 on a scale of 10.

VO: Where did you complete your Undergraduate?
Lovely professional University, Punjab.

VO: Why do you want to do masters?
Sir I want to do my master in data science with combination of Cyber security as it is my field of interest and my undergrad could only teach the basic techniques used in these fields.

VO: What techniques are used in Data Science?
Few basic techniques are simple data mining, software engineering (not correct but told randomly)

VO: What softwares are used in data science?
SQL and Python.

VO: What subjects did you study about Cyber security in your undergrad?
Sir I only studied network security in my undergraduate.

VO: How are you finding your education?
I have an education loan of 30 lacs and my parents are sponsoring me, They have a savings of 15 lacs.

VO: What are your parents?
My mother is a home maker and my father owns a stone crusher.

VO: Can I see your loan sanction letter?
Sure sir.(passed)

VO: Congratulations sir, I am approving your visa..

Thanked him and I was in cloud 9 and was running out. He called be back and gave my I-20 and smiled saying take it. It is needed at port of entry. Took it and ran out.

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