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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Pennsylvania State University | Engineering Design)

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Profile Details:

University: Pennsylvania State University
Course: MS in Engineering Design





First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved

Visa interview Experience:

Profile: 311- 161Q_150V_3.0AWA
BE in Mechanical Engineering_Mumbai University_First Class with Good Projects and Decent Extracurricular activities.
+ 1.5 Year Job Experience


Day-1: Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC)
Time Slot 12.45 PM TRADE CENTRE went @11.45 AM and the they let me in.
OFC is a no nonsense thing at Mumbai. They give you a coupon to stand in line, check your DS 160, Sevis, I20 at the counter. They take a photo, take your fingerprint scan, tag your passport and make you read a one page Agreement Sheet. 5 minutes and you are out of OFC building.Thats It.


Day-2: Visa Interview
Time Slot 10.00AM US Consulate went @ 9.15 AM was let in immediately. Went through the whole scanning thing at Entry. I thought this was quick until I saw the SHIRDI style ZigZag line inside consulate premises.The only respite was we were having our own seats here. It was an hour wait from here on. Once inside they reconfirm your identity by checking your passport and by rechecking fingerprint scan.
Then you stand in short queue before moving towards your counter.

VO: Good Morning, how you are doing?
Gm. Fine Sir. Hope you are doing well too.

VO: Ohh I see you are going to Penn State so you going to be a Nitanny Lion then.

VO: So what courses you going to take in first semister?
Told.(Human Variability, Design Studio, Human Centered Product Design)

VO: Who is going to sponsor you?
My Father.

VO: Where he works??
Told..(Works in a Public Sector Company)

VO: Congratulations your Visa is approved. You can collect your visa tomorrow. Enjoy your your time Penn State.


While collecting Passport @Trade Center go with your DS 160 and an government issued ID. Eg. Adhaar Card.

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