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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Kolkata Consulate | Columbia University | Mechanical Engineering)

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Profile Details:

University: Columbia University
Course: MS in Mechanical Engineering

First Attempt
Kolkata Consulate
June 2017
Status: Approved

Visa interview Experience:

There is a shop outside consulate that can keep your things for 20 rupees. OFC Building and Consulate are close to each other.

ME: Good morning
VO: So which course are you going to study?
Financial engineering.

VO: What did you study in Under graduation?
Mechanical engineering from NIT Patna.

VO: Where else did you apply
MIT reject, Boston university, North Carolina, Illinois Chicago accept apart from Columbia.

VO: How are you going to fund?
Mostly loan and personal. 80k$ loan and.. (She stopped).

VO: Any collateral on loan?

VO: What did you do after Under graduation?
Assistant Manager at Tata Motors.

VO: Your visa is approved.. Do sign I-20 before going to the airport (I had forgot to sign on I-20)
Thank you. (signed i20)

College name helps a lot but how you talk that matters the most. Visa interview is very less about documents (apart from the required ones). I didn’t carry any property documents / CA valuation etc. I believe one shouldn’t worry much about documents. There are very good videos on youtube posted by mumbai / delhi embassy. I would recommend watching videos only posted by embassy other sources are very misguiding.

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