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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Delhi Consulate | University of Georgia | Computer Science)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Georgia
Course: MS in Computer Science


First Attempt
Delhi Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 11

Visa Interview Experience:

My full & final third attempt.
I am on the final queue where all the counter are visible and their same irritating questions. Rapid Heart beat started, this is my third attempt it should be casual but don't know what happen.
I was like, okay.
Girl ahead of me got approved in only one question.
Vo was a male at his 27-29

ME: Good morning sir how are you?
I don't know what he said,
VO: Why this?
 Sir actually I want to specialise in big data analytics. As the course and curriculum of this University matches with my area of interest along with my three years of experience. Also sir, DIPS lab where all projects are funded by NSF (national science foundation of America) in order to support cyber innovations. Other then technical part overall ranking of the university is 56 which is far more better then my other 2 admits.

VO: What are the 2 admits(but obvious question after my previous answer)
Utah state university and new York state university at Binghamton.

VO: typing..Then what your..JavaScript.?
Sir JavaScript is a language where.. interrupted.

VO: I am asking about your father work.
sir my father is a chief manager in central bank of India.And earns about xx LPA.

VO: What is chief manager?
Senior position from senior manager.
Not convinced and tell me more then I explained him by making hierarchy
That, bank manager<< senior manager<< chief manager.
Not convinced.
And ask me means he control one branch. I said no, whole area I said no, I said whole region although it's regional manager, but it's one position down from that.
It looks he didn't convinced.

VO: What's your mother doing?
She's a housewife.

VO: What is your current location or where you live.

VO: It's in MP?

VO: So why Delhi?
sir I have a ISA orientation on 31 July and my.., And I don't want to miss that also my flight is booked on 27 July so I want earliest possible slot which I got here in Delhi and not in Mumbai.
He looks convinced.

VO: Tell me about your brothers and sisters?
I have one elder brother, lives in Bangalore work in IT company and the earns about xx LPA.(Because I don't want to create more questions).

VO: What is ISO?
Sir it's International student organisation. Although it is association.
Looks convinced. Typing, And pass my I20 and sevis.
VO: I am approving your visa loud and clear.
I am stunned.
ME: thank you sir you made my day as I seen that he placed my passport on the tray.

VO: smiling too much and said something which I can't hear.

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