Fall 2017 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | Wright State University | Electrical Engineering - Rejected) Image
Student VISA

Fall 2017 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | Wright State University | Electrical Engineering - Rejected)

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Profile Details:

University: Wright State University
Course: MS in Electrical Engineering

First Attempt
Hyderabad Consulate
July 2017
Status: Rejected

Visa Interview Experience:

ME: Good morning ma’am.
VO: Pass me your I-20,why this university?
 My major interest is VLSI & Electronics and Wright State provides VLSI & Electronics as single specialization and quite few universities provide this as single specialization..(interrupted)

VO: When did you passout?
April 2017.

VO: GRE score?
GRE 291, 154 in quantitative and 137 in verbal

VO: What is your percentage.? (Here I didn’t hear properly I said sorry can you repeat it..she said what is your percentage..I didn’t understand her accent here I thought she was asking some documents..Again she said your UG marks percentage)
6.83 on 10 scale.

VO: Sorry this time your not eligible for visa..
Thank you ma’am.

Second Attepmt

Kolkata Consulate
Date: July 2017
Status: Rejected

ME: Good morning ma’am.
VO: Hello can you pass me your I20.
Yeah, here.

VO: What the other admit did you get?
South Alabama ma’am.

VO: Why did you choose Wright over Alabama?
Both course curriculum were similar but Wright provides my interested subjects and moreover the research is going on resonant power converters which is closely related to UG project.(interrupted)

VO: Do you have any brother?
Yes ma’am. I have my own brother staying in US.

VO: Is he working or studying.?
Studying ma’am.

VO: When did he go?
Last December ma’am.

VO: Which university?
University of North Texas, Denton.

VO: How much did you pay for Sevis.?
Here first I said 190$ then after a pause again I said, I think approximately 200$ madam.

VO: Sorry you didn’t qualify for visa.
May I know the reason.

VO: I feel your not credible student for this visa.


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