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Besides completing our online form you must submit the following documents as PDFs:, , standard CV including all biographical information, complete academic background, professional experience and practical trainings, proof of proficiency in the English language (for details see Language Requirements below), an essay (for details see Essay below), your degree certificates (for details see Degree Certificates below), Essay, The International Master's Programme in Geophysics of LMU and TUM is a research oriented programme with a strong focus on modelling and simulation. As such we expect our candidates to possess above average skills and knowledge in at least one of the following fields and a sound background in at least one other:, , physics and theoretical geophysics, mathematics, simulation and data processing, tectonics and sedimentology, , In your essay please describe in detail, , why and how you meet the above criteria, what you expect to learn and gain from our programme; present and discuss your academic and career objectives, being as specific as possible with regard to your particular research interests within the field of Geophysics and why you intend to pursue your graduate studies with us, how this relates to your accomplishments in your previous academic studies, , The essay forms an integral part of the evaluation of your application. Thus, it should be well crafted., Please also note the following:, , The essay must have a length between 700 and 1,000 words., All external sources used in its preparation and any ideas by other people must be fully and correctly cited., The essay can only be submitted as PDF., Degree Certificates, As part of your application you need to provide proof that you hold a bachelor's degree or a corresponding equivalent university degree. For this you must submit in a single PDF the following documents, , Degree certificate(s), Transcript(s) of Records, , Additionally we need, , Your Diploma Supplement(s) or, alternatively your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which incorporates the European Diploma Supplement, If your degree was issued from a university outside of the European Union, and your transcript of records does not list the grading scheme used, you must supply an official document listing information on the grading scheme that was employed at your university at the time of your studies., Applicants from People's Republic of China, Mongolia and Vietnam need to additionally submit the original certificate from the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) of the respective German Embassy., , Please also note the following:, , The requested documents are only needed from institutions of higher education. Please do not upload in our online portal school leaving certificates, etc. These are without any relevance to us., Documents must be provided in their original language and additionally as certified translations into either German or English, if this is not their original language.

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