Naren Ashwath

a month ago

Which university should I need to choose for my biotechnology career?

I'm naren, I got admitted for ms biotechnology program in university of Texas Dallas and Florida Institute of technology but i got a very big doubt about the job opportunities and the reputation of these colleges, I wish I could get some help.


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Shail Sheth

a month ago

Hi Naren, Hope you're doing well. You can compare the curriculums, concentration, electives and location of the particular program offered by the respective universities to which you would want / have applied to, as they might be the most significant factors in your decision-making process. Also, reach out to the alumnis of the program of your choice, on LinkedIn, as some of them might reply to yo... See more

Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi! Biotech is a growing field and has a lot of scope in multiple fields in healthcare, engineering and so much more in terms of interdisciplinary research. As far as univeristy name goes, UTD is a top 150 uni in the United States and Florida Tech is a rank 200 uni. The post graduate outcomes are decent in both the universities but Dallas is a better place in terms of job growth and average salary... See more