Rahul Kintali

a month ago

Which should I opt for Information Systems and Management. ASU Tempe UTD


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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, ASU MIS is from one of the best business schools in the US i.e WP Carey and is also a good option but its a short program. If thats okay with you I would definitely suggest you to go for ASU MIS blindly. If you feel that program length is important and you do not want your courses load to be heavy then I will suggest you to go with UTD. UTD ITM is offered by Jindal School of Mgmt which is o... See more

Zeal Zeal

a month ago

For MIS if you have significant work experience go with ASU as it's a one year program. Else go with UTD as it gives you time to build profile, develop skills set, networking etc. See more