Jaswanth Javangula

9 days ago

Which field is best for BBA ?

Which field is best for BBA ? Hey folks! Does anyone here pursue BBA ? If so, can you please explain which field is best for BBA? Which field is in most demand across the USA? Please explain in brief. for masters (United States). Graduated in BBA in the year 19-22. IELTS - 7 GRE - not yet BBA - 8 CGPA. INTERNS - 2 No WorkExp Please suggest other MS STEM cources other than MBA #applicationprocess #ms #USA #BBA


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Shaunak Salvi Mentor_tag

9 days ago

Hi Jaswanth, a business course like BBA not only opens options to a management course for Masters but based on your specialisation, you can take up MS courses in related fields as well. Here are few suggestions of MS STEM courses in USA: 1. MBA - This becomes the most obvious choice for Masters after a Bachelor's degree like BBA. You can find more information on MBA in USA here: https://yocket.c See more

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