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4 months ago

What You NEED Before You Leave for the US - Part 3

Here is the part 1 link==> Here is the Part 2 link==> ===>(7):Health Matters ==> Get your immunizations done according to the university requirements. Get a full-body checkup done as well, before you leave. The healthcare system in the US is famously expensive, so it is better to have a complete checkup at home before you leave. Keep antibiotics and general over-the-counter medicines for first aid. If you wear eyeglasses, take at least 2 pairs. Glasses can be expensive to buy in the US, so it is better to keep a spare pair in case one breaks. Carry prescription of medicines that are not considered as over-the-counter (for example, medicines for asthma, migraine, etc.) Buy a student health insurance plan. They are mandated by universities, but they are in themselves an absolutely essential product to get a hold of. Get it while you are in India as plans in the US tend to be expensive. ===>(8): Driving & Buying a Car ==> A car could very well become essential for you in the US, especially if your university is not in a big metro city. In many cities, it is actually cheaper to buy a car and drive yourself around than to pay for commuting each time. Learn how to drive, if you haven’t already, and get your driver’s license in India. Then, apply for an international driver’s license. You can drive using an international license for a year in the US (and get a local license there before it expires). ===>(9): Financial Decisions ==> Your money can vanish in the blink of an eye if you don’t keep track of it. Things can get expensive in the US, and you should try to keep some control over your money before your spending becomes too much. Here are some tips for managing your money well: Prepare a budget every month and keep track of your expenses. Do not convert currency at airports, as they charge a 5-10% margin as compared to 2-3% charged by banks and dealers. Open a bank account before you leave India (yes, it’s possible! I already did open) Apply for a credit card through Zolve here is the link It is usually hard to get a credit card(Generally you get with help of SSN) without a credit history in the US. But Zolve can help you get approved for a credit card. I hope this checklist will help you plan better for the journey ahead! You can then enjoy the experience knowing that everything has already been taken care of. Read through my other posts. I hope it might helpful for you. ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> #CommunityMentor

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