Ali Rizvi

a month ago

What is the scope of Bioinformatics in countries abroad?

Bioinformatics is an emerging field and has been one of the most important industry in terms of biotechnology. It is proving itself and its opportunities are exploding. Let me know its scope & employment opportnities is countries like
USA, Canada, UK
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Tilak Heble Mentor_tag

25 days ago

Hey, Ali Scope of Bioinformatics is as trending as any other courses in aboard. Since Education in USA, UK and Canada is Second to none since they have spending money on research area and other things to develop industry revelent course. Employment is greater in Aboard than India, since bioinformatics is more developed and More startups are in aboard. Hope this helps you!! See more


Barun Kumar Hansdah

a month ago

Bioinformatics is an exciting subject and evolving subject!!!