Anudeep Kolluri

9 days ago

What are some good colleges for master in Data Science with following scores and requirements

I am planning to do ms in data science in spring 2023 in US. I have written IELTS and GRE.

IELTS -> 7.5 (L 9, R 6.5, W 7, S 6.5)
GRE -> 309 (V 146, Q 163, AWA 3)
GPA -> 8 / 10 ( in CS from Bharath Univ., Chennai)

* Recently Graduated
* Final year project is on Computer Vision
* No research papers published
* No internships

Can you suggest me some good colleges that I can complete my higher studies in range of 30-40L INR. And share reason why that university is good.

I shortlisted some universities. Please rate them.

* Texas Tech Univ.
* Univ. of North Texas
* Florida State Univ.
* Florida International Univ.
* Univ. of Houston
* Grand valley state univ.

Any help is appreciated., #masters #ms #datascience #STEM #help #shortlist #studyabroad #texas #rating


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Ravindra Babu Devabhaktuni

9 days ago

Try SUNY Buffalo

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Siva Kesava Reddy

9 days ago

It's better to take CS ( Specialization in Data science) rather than taking DS CS is the best Among your shortlisted, remove University of North Texas & Grand valley State University Add these Very good Universities SUNY buffalo Arizona State University SUNY Albany Stony brook University University of Maryland Baltimore County University of Cincinnati Syracuse University University of Utah C... See more