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Visa Interview Experience - MS BA, UT Austin

Note: The experience shared below is of a user's who did not want to disclose his identity.

Hi folks,
I am a student who graduated in 2018 in Computer Science Engineering. I got an admit from the
University of Texas at Austin for its Master of Science in Business Analytics Program. I had my Visa
Interview during the first week of June 2022.

Visa Interview Experience:

The VO seemed like a chill and laid-back guy. He approved the guy in front of me. I moved forward to
the counter.

Me: Good Morning! Hope you are having a good day, officer.
VO: Good Morning! Pass me your documents.
I passed on my Passport and I-20.
VO: So which university?
Me: University of Texas at Austin
VO: Okay UT Austin. What program are you going for?
Me: I am going for the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program.
VO (after looking at my docs for a bit): Are you working right now?
Me: Yes Officer, I am currently working and have nearly 4 years of work experience.
VO: So where have you been working?
Me: I graduated in 2018 and joined the firm X where I worked for more than 3 years as a Consultant in
its Analytics Practice. Since last year, I have been working with the firm Y where I work as an Analyst in
its Product Team.
VO: So what are your plans after graduating from UT?
Me: Officer I intend to join the Indian Startup Ecosystem after graduation. Salaries have exploded since
last year and this is a great time to look for roles in startup firms. I feel the time is perfect for me to
upskill myself, get a formal academic training in Analytics and enter this exciting space.
After this, the VO became curious about the Indian Startup Scene and asked me which cities in India and
which sectors do I see showing particular promise. We had a natural conversation for a minute or so
regarding the Indian Startup scene as he seemed quite interested in it.
After this-
VO: Alright I am approving your visa. It will be delivered to you in about 7 days.
Me: Thanks Officer! Hope you have a nice day!
VO: You too man. And Best of Luck with your studies!
Me: Thank You!

Some Tips:
 Confidence is Key.

 Keep calm and composed. Do not let approvals or rejections around you impact your mindset. If
you have prepared well, you will come out with flying colors irrespective of how others are

 Try to strike a natural conversation with the VO and convince him or her as to why you want to
pursue this Program at this stage of your life and how this program makes sense for you. They
want to know your personal motivation behind going to the US for studies and not facts which
can be easily Googled like University and Program Rankings etc.

 Keep your answers clear and crisp and be honest.

Best of luck with your Visa Interview!

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Subhash Varma

12 days ago

Vo officer checked documents ah bro