Hari Krishan

a month ago

University suggestions required

MCA - 2010 (85%), no backlogs GRE - 330 TOEFL- 100+ expected (awaiting final scores) Interests - MS Finance / PhD MIS / MBA Target - 100% scholarship Work exp. 2010-2012 - Worked as a Hospital Administrator, simultaneously did volunteering for one NGO, and taught underprivileged children. 2013-till date Joined one of Gov. of India sponsored Bank, as JMG Scale I officer, currently posted as Branch Manager (Scale II Officer). Founder of a not so well performing Start-up. Founder of an NGO as well, working in collaboration with State Government in providing subsidized meals to poors. 1 research paper published on FINTECH, working on 1 more paper.


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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Hari You have a spectacular profile with more than good work experience and Extra curriculars and GRE. The Only part that's going to be needed extra furnishing is your SOP's and How you explain all the work you have done and your Outcomes you have achieved or learnt from the specified work experiences and Usually Business schools also like to hear your stories along with your academic performan... See more

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